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week. was told to clean wires on starter. thats what computer came up with. checked for fuel and spark and have both. new battery so cranks fine.
While working on my mazda the accelerator cable came off the accelerator I put the cable back in the slot at the top of the accelerator. Does it nnnd anything else done to secure it. thank you
Any way runs rough when cold worms up smoths out but still has small miss like carb. With no choke
Was good for a day, now doing it again. Any help on where to go next?
Steady throttle. If you punch down it will backfire and then accelerate
Replace the camshaft senor, ERG valve, cleaned the mass air sensor and throttle body, changed the transmission fluid.
Worked last week. Now 4 wheel dash light will not come on and no 4 wheel
I drove my truck to the gym and when it was time to go I put the key in the ignition and turned it. Nothing happened I pressed the clutch all the way to the floor and then I tried again. Nothing. Long story short I to...
I was told it was the crankshaft synchronizer and the CPS but everything I have looked up says the noise would be coming from the back of the motor if it was that. I think the noise is coming from some where i the fro...
sounds like noise comes from front center of motor I was thinking it could be idle pulley fan clutch or harmonic balancer
When I go to start the truck I can turn the key to the on position and push the clutch in and it will start and every time while driving when I push clutch in to shift the starter will kick in. I have checked the star...
My battery light came on. Had it tested along with the alternator and starter, and the starter and alternator came out to be good. But the battery needed to be replaced so I had it replaced. Well this morning the ...
The wire starts from around the battery and runs under the truck. It pulled out of plug, but I don't know where it plugs in. Help
Let tHe truck sit for a few hours and it will restart with no problems. Have replaced the camshaft sensor. Problem still is there.
The truck was running alright when it broke down on my wife - accelerator stopped working, power steering went out, and oil gauge was bouncing up and down all over the place. The truck did start a couple times after t...
It has a rough idle loss if power and diagnostics say it has primary or secondary coil and 1 &5 are misfiring I changed coil plugs and wires with no help. Codes 301
I was told it was my muffler that is making all that noise when my truck runs,, I want to sort of know what kind of prices are outthere for a muffler for my truck
problem just occured yesterday, idles at about 800 rpms ROUGH!! when put in gear. it will try to run but then dies, when i manipulate the throttle manually wide open or half it runs fine but as soon as i let go it ...