Changed plugs, wires, rotor button, cap, pcv valve, egr valve, what else would create what I think is a power drain?

Yet again, I have another question: Where can I find the bolts to remove the cab of the Mazda? Yet again, the manual fails to explain anything about the cab, or important items to allow me to remove the part which require repair. I can find them on the underside of the cab, but have no idea how to get to them from inside, or any other areas necassary.

I am replacing the drier/receiver and would like to replace the orafice as well.

i just put 5w30 full synthetic, is it ok to switch back to normal oil?

slave cyclender

Bulbs are good, flasher relay good. Not sure if turn signal switch is bad. Is there a way to tell if switch is bad?

I replaced my clutch,pressure plate,slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder. I attempted to bleed the air from the system but not sure whats happening. The clucth pedal has a little stiffness, but the truck will not shift into park or reverse without first shifting it into gear then start the truck and go. It will not disengage but will shift and drive after starting. what could be the problem? slave cylinder bad? clutch disc jammed? or just air in system how ca i tell?

clutch does not engadge

runs poorly, check engine light on, have replaced maf sensor numerous times. same problem occurs frequently.

sensor problem ? thank you tom

I need to replace the horn for a inspection sticker, but i can't seem to find it. I look in the manuals and they have no say in it. I've looked down my the bumber and in the center of the grill. Where would I find it?

i already did fuel filter , spark plugs and wires ,air intake and air filter , transducer "cam sync" , cam positioning sensor . yet i still have an idle issue but no longer an engine light so ???????????????????????? why would my truck idleing so high ?

My A/C broke on a drive up CA's Central Valley in the height of this last summer. I'm on a budget and figured I could just do without A/C. About 2 months ago the engine began to make these pinging sounds, like a bunch of marbles bouncing off each other in the engine bay. It's been progressively getting worse and worse—the sound is louder and occurs with more frequency. There is no check engine light, however. From opening up the hood it looks like the A/C unit is making the belt stick on the front of the engine. Is this a problem? Am I going to be paying for a larger repair if I allow this to continue?

can the coil quit working with out any signs of trouble or is there another issue

problem occurs when fuel level drops below 1/2 tank full or when stopped on a hill.

Change the starter,altonator,and the battier,and still won't stay charged?

I shifted into reverse backing out of a parking space and as I was backing up there was a loud "bang" like I ran into something so I stopped and pulled back into the space. I looked around and there was nothing I ran into or over so I started to back out again and reverse did not work. All other gears work fine and when I shift into reverse I hear a slight "whining" sound like the transmission is not quite shifting all the way into reverse.

after service,in Botswana,after changing spark plugs

Purchased my '98 B3000 used with a few glitches, most are repaired now but the last thing to tackle has been a series of 5 beeps repeating when operating the vehicle, the air bag warning light was out and I just replaced it. Now the light is blinking a series of 2 and then 7, repeating. I assume this is a code defining a certain problem and this light stops blinking after turning the passenger air bag off. Any suggestions how to proceed from here?

I replaced the radiator since the original began to leak. I replaced the thermostat at the same time. The truck began to overheat immediately after that replacement. I thought it could be the new thermostat since the temperature gage would show that after the engine began to warm up, the temperature would appear to go all the way back down past the C on the gage and would then spike up to the hot mark far enough to make the check gage light flash on, but would then go back to about the normal setting. I replaced the temperature sensor just to make sure the readings were correct. I then went to Mazda and got a new thermostat from the dealer. It will still begin to warm up, then the gage will recede toward the C on the gage, then spike upward, although not far emough to make the check gage light flash. Earlier this week, the cooling reservoir hose actually got forced off of the connection at the radiator cap. I put a clamp on it. The next day, the lid was blown on the reservoir and it appears to have tried to split at the seam since it will now produce bubbles along the seam. What am I missing? I had the waterpump replaced last winter not long before the old radiator developed the leak. I also tried 2 new radiator caps just because I didn't know what else to do. Any suggetsions would be greatly appreciated at this point.

what is cost of serpentine belt plus labor to install? thank you.

need to know where the speed sensor is located on the transmission of the above truck.

The passenger side window is not operating I'm not sure how to remove the inner door panel to gain access to the motor.

if your timing gasket fails will it leak water

Randomly I will turn the key with the clutch depressed and the struck won't start. If I let the truck roll a few feet then try it again it starts. Why? And how do I fix it?

I bought headlight units to replace ones broken in a crash. How do I install them?

5, 6 weeks ago the truck wouldn't start; mechanic said it was the ignition coil and replaced it. Last week it wouldn't start, they replaced the ignition coil. 5 days later, ditto. Note that each time the engine would turn over, but the truck wouldn't start. Any ideas on why the ignition coil would keep burning out? Could they be replacing it with a substandard coil that can't handle the current?

need to replace the pcv valve on my b3000. need instruction
on how do it.

My radio will be playing fine then the sound stops as if the signal is lost. Without doing anything it will start playing again. The antenna looks OK.

the front wheels make a loud whirring metallic sound at speeds over 15 mph. Also sounds like somethings loose up there when i hit a bump.