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My A/C broke on a drive up CA's Central Valley in the height of this last summer. I'm on a budget and figured I could just do without A/C. About 2 months ago the engine began to make these pinging sounds, like a bunch...
can the coil quit working with out any signs of trouble or is there another issue
problem occurs when fuel level drops below 1/2 tank full or when stopped on a hill.
Change the starter,altonator,and the battier,and still won't stay charged?
I shifted into reverse backing out of a parking space and as I was backing up there was a loud "bang" like I ran into something so I stopped and pulled back into the space. I looked around and there was nothing I ran ...
after service,in Botswana,after changing spark plugs
Purchased my '98 B3000 used with a few glitches, most are repaired now but the last thing to tackle has been a series of 5 beeps repeating when operating the vehicle, the air bag warning light was out and I just repla...
I replaced the radiator since the original began to leak. I replaced the thermostat at the same time. The truck began to overheat immediately after that replacement. I thought it could be the new thermostat since the ...
what is cost of serpentine belt plus labor to install? thank you.
need to know where the speed sensor is located on the transmission of the above truck.
The passenger side window is not operating I'm not sure how to remove the inner door panel to gain access to the motor.
if your timing gasket fails will it leak water
Randomly I will turn the key with the clutch depressed and the struck won't start. If I let the truck roll a few feet then try it again it starts. Why? And how do I fix it?
I bought headlight units to replace ones broken in a crash. How do I install them?
5, 6 weeks ago the truck wouldn't start; mechanic said it was the ignition coil and replaced it. Last week it wouldn't start, they replaced the ignition coil. 5 days later, ditto. Note that each time the engine wou...
need to replace the pcv valve on my b3000. need instruction on how do it.
My radio will be playing fine then the sound stops as if the signal is lost. Without doing anything it will start playing again. The antenna looks OK.
the front wheels make a loud whirring metallic sound at speeds over 15 mph. Also sounds like somethings loose up there when i hit a bump.
What is the torque setting for ball joints on a 2001 Mazada B3000?
Does the 1996 Mazda B3000 use an orifice tube or an expasion valve in their system?
Replaced gas filler hose due to it being dry rotted and cracked on large outside hose. Fuel still slow to get into tank. Vent hose must me clogged with juk, debris, mud dobber's nest. Where does the vent hose come out...
How to open the door. The keys are inside.
how do I replace main brake line that runs to the rear
my 4x4 lights are flashing,after changing alternator yesterday . i checked all my fuses wont engage into 4 wheel drive
Ok I can drive my truck and it will leak anti freeze but its not coming from the radiator I check it and its fine but it keeps emptying out the resivor even when its parked it still leaks...but never emptys the radiat...
i need to get the fan clutch, the pulley, and the shaft out of the water pump... how do i do this?
What's the best way to fix a noisy lifter? Is there an additive I can add to the oil? What is the cost to tear down and repair? How long does repair take?
Problem occurs each time truck is started. Starts just fine when cold but when you shut it off, it will not start for several hours. When it does start, it appears flooded for a few seconds. I did some checking and...
When the car is in idle and as well when I am driving it smells like gas in the car, I have checked some fuel lines but I still can not find the problem.
At 93k miles, the valve guide failed. Cost about $3500 to fix. Now we're at 120k miles, and the vehicle runs like a champ. When decelerating the engine stumbles and tries to die. Dealership has had it for a week and t...