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my truck idles high when it is cold when the engine gets hot it still idles high, it stays around 2500 rpm's with your foot off the accelerator.
Shifter feels like its not attached to anything
The light(s) behind my instrument cluster went out recently and I want to replace them myself but I don't know how many lights are behind the cluster. Also, the lights behind my climate control panel and the fan speed...
automatic will not shift properly when hold light is on
I have a mazda truck b2600i starts and run good but if you try to speedup it has no power
It did this once before but started the next day. Now it has been over 24 hours and still won't start
runs now very poorly /excessive fuel to each cylinder/smoking badly/all cylinders firing/timing seems ok all cylinders have compression/but I have rattle/knock under valve cover/no check engine light
all connections look good tore apart ecm and found bad spots on board inside. Believe i need an ecm anybody have one for a 1990 B2600i for sale let me know please jdguy
i have replacement starter.