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Hard to find computer for this year, only get one for $250 should I purchase has anyone had luck with these?
all connections look good tore apart ecm and found bad spots on board inside. Believe i need an ecm anybody have one for a 1990 B2600i for sale let me know please jdguy
i can spray starting fluid and it will start and run. turn the truck off and it will not start on its own. you will have to start it with fluid again.55 lbs fuel pressure.have spark.............
no start installed new dis ,coil ,plug ,and wires still no spark does this truck have a main relay? any ideas what up
1993 B2600i g6 f/i asperated motor. overheated, blew head gasket. replaced but now wont start. im very sure all setting are correct, but never hurts to check. with crank at tdc 0 were should the cam sprocket be locate...
the mazda bravo was starting and you could drive it but when you turn it off it will not start, have changed the spark plugs, rota coil and auto fuel pump it started for abit and now it wont start andy ideas.
How do you change the front CV axle on a 4x4 Mazda B2600i??
After alarm was install my brake and anti lock lights stay on. But the weird thing is that when u press the clutch switch in they go off
my headlights (low beams)do not work if i pull on the highlight control it does come on i cant do this while i drive please tell me how do i replace my headlight switch
will start and run but only running on 2 cylinders, replaces plug wires and the distributor cap but didnt fix the problem
the check engine light is on and won't go off
replaced fuel pressure regulater no better. New plugs and wires,no better.had fuel pressure checked was fine.also new fuel filter. Can be running just fine then begins to just sputter and stumble on po...
I have a 1991 madza 2600 i thats stuck into 4 high and will not go into 4th gear
will a slayclylinder cause it to not go into 4 gear its a 1991 mazda B2600
it is a 1991 mazda b2600 le-5 4x4 will not go in 4th geer it has a new clutch in it and the clutch peddle is close to the floor it does go in all other geers
my truck is leaking coolant from under the intake manifold in not shure if it is a head gasket or oil coolant line or heater core return line what is the easyiest way to determine where the leak is coming from this ...
changed plugs, cap,rotor,coil,distrbutor,o2sensor,water temp sensor,grounds on engine,different gas,set timing,could it be the ecm also swapped air flow sensor has a 2.6 engine
My 1991 Mazda 2600 pickup has always run well. It has about 180,000 miles on it. It has sat for sometime and now it will not run. I am getting gas thru the filter and if I spray cleaner into the trottle body thru the ...
misfire, 2 and 4 seem to b e the problem. they spark but when wires pulled off doesnt change the motor new wires plugs cap
My 1993 b2600i has decided to stop shifting into 5th or reverse. The shifter will go into that gate but when trying to go into reverse it just grinds. 1st gear is ok. 5th gear just won't engage
truck was running fine,now cylinders 2 and 4 will not fire. I have good spark on both cylinders. Engine will run,but I can remove plug wires and engine sound the same.apparently I'm not getting fuel to those cylind...
pickup is hard to start on rainy days. changed rotor and distributor cap but no help. what next?
i have replacement starter.
my truck shudders when i accelerate from stop or low speed.What's the problem. Thanks, Brenda
We just need to know what size bolt, screw etc to buy to hold the engine in place and what model windsheild wiper motor to buy. Thank you!
what would it cost to change a clutch assembly
We've had a >lot< of rain lately and some of it has seeped into a hollow part of the truck body somewhere behind the cab. It is several gallons by the sound of the sloshing. Has anyone else ever had this happen? How c...