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When I first turn on the key on my 1994 Mazda B2300 I have no power. The charge slowly builds to virtually full in about 30 seconds. Once running the voltage meter bounces considerably, but the truck runs without an...
Original starter went out approx 9 months ago 1st replacement starter lasted 7 months and 2nd replacement starter lasted 2 months both had cracked off housings that supports the end bearing of the shaft. I will say th...
I just bought this thing the other day and just replaced the freeze plug in front of the transmission. While driving it home I started noticing that it has a hard time taking off (petal must be floored), but when its...
One possibility is a loose connection somewhere, but I haven't found anything yet. Lights sometimes go on, but other times, not. If the lights are on, it acts like a battery drain from a weak battery when I turn the i...
dash lights wont go out and it runs battery down . have to unhook cabel to keep battery up this is the only time the light gosr out.
The ignition lock/key quit working and my truck was stuck in the on position. After I killed the engine, I couldn't restart it (but to pull it off). I replaced the ignition lock/key and now it will start, but it will ...
have no leaks, not dropping fluids. runs good on highway; overheats in stop and go traffic. is it the fan clutch and can i go without using fan clutch?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 1994 Mazda B2300 pickup?
reverse light stays on
Okay, heres the deal, I own a mazda b2300 and when I start it up it runs for about 15 seconds perfectly and then after the pressure builds up and it really starts running, it will idle up and down and threaten to stal...
Our AC doesnt work.. Now even if the controls are off to everything when you are going down the road there is really really hot air comming from all vents including defrosters and floor.. I need HELP.. what can be don...
truck has new battery, but my gauges fuel, temp, speedometer, rpm, oil and battery are not working. i have checked the fueses on the side of the dashboard all good. is there any other place i need to check?
The interior light will not turn off after the door (the right door particularly) is closed. The "Door Ajar" light stays on. What could be causing this
replaceing the clutch assembly, parts indicate a bearing attached to the transmission useing a fluid to operate. how do I remove the bearing properly, it has two bolts and a fluid cable.
after driving about 20 miles engine will not start when left over night it starts and then die again
got a 1994 b2300 mazda truck turns over wont start, changed battery, plugs, wires, starter, ignition module, fuel pump, fuel filter, had entire electrical checked at shop came back fine. have paid out almost a grand a...
Hello sir, Problem with my is that when switced on everything works but the engine never cranks. Will you please diagnose the problem and a solution. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Eteuati
need to change spark plugs on mazda b2300 year 2003 boots would not come off any trick or solution thanks
Everything is ok when switch is on but engine does not crank I dont know what the problem and i dont have a manual. Please assist with my problem. Hope to hear a solution from you soon. Regards, Eteuati
after engine warms up ( 30 seconds) check engine light comes on AND idle drops down to 350 rpms at the exact same moment . these conditions remain thoughout the driving trip.
I bought this truck 2 years ago and after the first fillup of regular gas "87 octane" it started pinging pretty badly so I had to use min. 91 octane to stop pinging under load. After looking down the spark plug hole ...
I have taken the fuel lines off and repaired them and replaced the lines. I hope that I have connected them back correctly. Therefore I am try to see if I am getting fuel to the engine.
can anyone tell me where the tsu is located?????
what is the standard battery size for this truck
how do i disconnect the door chime?
Fuel tank is leaking and I need to take it out.
can you tell me the location of tsu
If i replaced the pump, hoses, and thermostat and sealed them. I am still leaking it looks like it could be the water pipe return. Is that possible?