I need to know how to remove the dash board to get to the switch.

i pulled it out. how do i fix it.

Driving down the road my truck will lose power and it seems to misfire. No problem while accelerating

where are the bolts that hold the transmission in?

I have tried pulling it from the inside, it will not budge.

I have just replaced glow plugs and the last set only lasted a little while. Have had a multi meter on them which shows that power is still going to them after starting. Would this burn them out and how do I fix this problem

Sometimes runs bad when hot like maybe a misfire. Other then that no real symptom of anything?

I've changed fuel pump and fuel pump relay, still doesn't start sometimes! And like now, it won't start at all! I was told that the computer was the only other alternative! You can hear the pump come on and it always starts, but when you don't hear it come on, you know it will not, may be 10 minutes or days before it will start up! Thank you for your time and help.

I have a b2300 mazada that will start off running then bog down to zero miles a hour after few minutes it run fine till you turn it off..i have had the fuel pump and filter check.they have check the mass air filter sensor any other possible solutions

truck runs perfect without blower on. I'm very diligent on maintaince and have checked everything I know

I have replaced CKP AND CMP sensors, plugs,plug wires, and timing belt. If it does quickly throttle it won't idle down it runs about 4000 rpm and I have to take out key to stop it.

tried jump start with Buick - more lights light up on dash, but same thing - click click click = won't start.
I cleaned the battery terminals and charged the present battery. Still, won't start. I need to know where the starter & solenoid are located, to remove and take to auto part store to test. Any comments greatly appreciated.

I too have a mazda bravo b2600 1994. That seem to back fire under bonnet and stall and now cranks but wont start. I did start the day later for about 5 seconds and stop again. I don't have any books or diagrams to go with it and would like to change the fuse but don't know where it. I am also wondering if this could be contaminated fuel and want to put a little Metho in the fuel line but again not sure which one.
CHeers Any advise would be helpful.

change plugs-plugs wires coil pack and fuel filter its on a 2001 mazda truck B2300 series also abs light comes on brake fuel fine brake fine need help limited income can I get it tested without engine light being on

acceleration "jerky" but not constantly jerky, also jerks sometime at let off of accelerator. 73000 miles, 2.3L engine auto trans. no codes checked maf,fuel filter,tune up,trans. all ok where to look next and how?

I want to replace the rubber bumper as the shift is getting a bit loose

not sure if the A/C clutch is bad

Engine light came on yesterday. Airbag light been on for a while. No matter what gear I go into, upon release of the clutch, AND ONLY AT TIMES - NO PARTICULAR PATTERN, the truck will jump upon acceleration. Power loss upon climbing hills. Any ideas? Spark plugs and wiring have been replaced within the last few months. Just trying to prepare for the inevitable.

Engine starts but won't hold idle unless gas petal is held down

aolso do you no how much it will cost to put shocks in

wipers stop working ,change switch and motor ,check ,fuse and relays still not working

Installed new fuel pump,fuel filter,new injectors,2 new coil packs,clean out gas tank. Loud chatter noise from drivers side front of engine.Sounds like cranky injectors.Change injectors out again 1 by 1 but no fix.The engine still tries to turn off at idle,as well as backfire from time to time.I changed the timing belt 6months ago with no problems.I'm really lost on this one. Please help. . .

And I now it is firing on all cylinders

It is Either one or the other

how do i reset timing for electronic ignition

I put the key in, push the clutch to the floor, turn the key to the start and it sometimes does nothing. After several tries it may start up fine. The starter turns fine. Is this an ignition problem, clutch swith, or solenoid?
Truck only has 49,000 0n it.