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1994 b2300 75000 miles
Truck was stalling and not starting when going on stop and go errands. Recently changed the fuel pump and filter problem now is it will stall when taking off from a dead stop however if the rpms are revved it will tak...
after matching up colored wires because plug was cut in half. I only have brake lights. need some type diagram of rear tail lights. seems like I have a couple extra black wire
have a round flasher, purchased at auto parts store. looking for location to install
I have changed the fuel pump 3 times in one month!!! What is causing the problem?
and highway speed is achieved. The Check Engine light has been on and my shop cant diagnose it. Could there be a connection between these issues. HELP
Fuse box is on side of dash on drivers side. When you pop the cover off theres usually a drawing telling you what fuses go to and what amp it is. There isnt anything there and under each slot is a number and thats it
I was reading a post on ( clutch slave cylinders failing . Well on the post are a couple more links that take me to something different. Maybe its the cheap tablet I'm u...
Stays on about 5 seconds then stops. Doesnt happen often but today did it three times within 10 mi. What could be cause of this ?
I've have'nt owned my B2300 very long so unfortunately I know nothing of it's history. Odometer shows 223,000 but does'nt work. Changed the oil and held at full level for a solid couple months. Then to my surprise (be...
I have noises coming from tranny area when the clutch pedal is depressed. It requires a little extra effort to shift to second gear. Pedal has to be touching floorboard to shift properly.Is shifting notchy with these ...
Check engine light is on and it came up with code p0340 changed it and reset it and the light is still on can you please advice?
What is required to get the dashboard apart to get to the switch ?
I need to know how to remove the dash board to get to the switch.
Driving down the road my truck will lose power and it seems to misfire. No problem while accelerating
where are the bolts that hold the transmission in?
I have tried pulling it from the inside, it will not budge.