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Problem started after the center council was removed and replaced. The dash light seems to dim when the overdrive button is pushed on and off. The B2200 has 146,000 miles and we are the original owners.
My cooling system has to much pressure. I changed head gasket and intake manifold gasket and it still has the same problem. It ran good for about four hours and the old problem came back. Now it smokes, misses and has...
It has done this twice, I shut it off give it a little time and it seems to be fine. Can't tell exactly where the fuel comes from. It is carbureted not fuel injected. Any thoughts????
Check engine light has recently begun to light up and go off. Is there any use to the multi-pin connector just under the dash left of the steering wheel? Can I use it to access codes? I need to locate problem asap, I'...
A light blue, thick smoke is emitting from my tail pipe when I start it after an eight hour period of dormantcy. Why is it doing this?
air conditioner does not cool even with coolant. Heater works good and blower works on air.
The gas pedal cable won't stay in place so, it comes out frequently. Is this a costly repair?
Is the motor bad?Can you oil this motor?Also the transmision has a lot of play on one of the wipers. Thank you!!
I've put cardboard in front of the radiator and the engine temp. goes up, but still just slightly warm air?