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How do I change this myself?
The car jerks when going from 1st to 2nd gear and when changing it from park to drive and reverse to drive. I had the transmission oil checked and it was fine.
Had the alternator replaced, now I need a smog and its not ready
The AC worked yesterday. Not working today. Air still blows..but blowing hot air no cold
down to the bulb socket but Mazda doesn't sell just the socket, you have to purchase the whole tail light assembly. I've tried three of these (made in Taiwan) and the bulb socket is still doing the same thing. To ma...
How can I tell if it's the switch starter or the key hole itself??
What is the location of the fuel pump relay on my Mazda
Prior to stall temp ok oil ok, no warning lights. Tried starting click sound engine not turning over. No oil or water leaks.
Started with putting it in gear and indicator light not lighting up. I felt a small slip in the trany while driving @ 40mph, lights came on. Brought it to a shop and waiting for diagnostic. I am wondering what could b...
It looks like a person coughing. What does AT means? I don't have the manual when I bought it.
Why radio want come on anymore an fuss not blown
I have a Mazda B2600 2.6L 5 speed manual transmission. Why does is keep burning out the mass flow sensor? What can I do to remedy this problem?
Gas and wen I got off I check my oil level to and it was very low could that be the reason y my engin light came on
i was crossing through a a river that had water and the water was covering the diesel filter and car just cut and could not start. i only manged to start it the next day but the engine was vibrating and producing...
200k miles on it. Did timing belt, serp belt, valve cover gasket, plugs and wires, h20 pump about six months ago
Heater stays on burn my feet while driving to work !!!!!
And then after trying 3 times it won't even turn back on but it trys to