I have taken it to a transmission specialist and got green lights on every thing but for some reason when I hit around 75 or I slam the petal it sputters.. like it down shifts upshifts like hioping gears its not the transmission or the sparkplugs I think it might be the tps sensor any thoughts?

I replaced the crank pulley and in order to keep the engine from starting I unplugged the coil pack. The engine ran just fine before I unplugged the original coil pack. Now even with new coil pack I get no spark. what could it be?

clutch repaired..,will new plugs help..i recently changed air filter...would timing belt contribute to this? seems like gas mileage is less than it was. drove the car all winter in Chicago....

1990...red. appears to have major rust on bottom of each side ..fenders.

had clutch recently repaired.
especially in hot weather..the
housing where the stick shift is gets very hot..very hot to touch..

My mazda6 starts goes in gear without having to step on clutch however the tires seems like there stuck and won't go! Is it my clutch or ??

How do I get the jam out had leakage into area

my van is giving me this code PO305

this happens every time

the car has been sitting for about 8 months

Changed spark plugs and wires, changed coolant temp sensor, changed fuel pump already. After it dies at idle it doesn't want to start again right away. Then once started again it sits at about 750 rpm revs up to about 1100 rpm and back down again. This is without AC running.

Engine light throwing a code for lean. Replaced the fuel pump 6 months ago, and a coil (due to misfire) 2 months ago. Have the TPS, but haven't installed it. Loud rattle on the exhaust. Think that's just a problem with looseness.

i have replaced the starter,starter relay.battery truck still will not start help please

replaced radiator and it over heats

I hit the breaks hard was driving it act like it was out of gas I brought it home it wouldst rev over 2300 rpm then it would shut down now its sluggish and back fire and blows black smoke when up drive it comes and goes

ive changed my alternator and battery .. checked wire harness etc. but cant get it to charge the only code it throws when i hook it too witec is bad coilpack ..it does have a lil miss in it

The vehicle has not been running, for about 9 months now. During that time, I have replaced, the fuel pump, starter, the distributor, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs & wires, alternator, and battery. I sent it to the Mazda dealership, for a recall, on the ignition switch, thinking that might have been the problem that I've been chasing, but had not shown up on any prior diagnosis. The vehicle has now been there for 2 months. That's to get the ignition switch put in. And once the car still didn't start, they began a diagnosis. How much should that diagnosis cost me, being that so many parts are already new and working, that I'd replaced. I'm being told, that they will have to charge me per hour the diagnosis cost to continue to search for the problem. Is there much more that could be wrong with the vehicle, other than what's been replaced? I'm being charged now for 2 hours of a diagnosis. About 250 total, however they say, that they have put in about 4 or 5 hours worth of time, so far. It just seems that there should be a ceiling price for a diagnosis charge. If anyone can help me with an answer, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


How to fix oxidized headlight lense to clear the lense.

I the bottom tube is joined with nuts. I don't see a quick disconnect. I'm replacing the compressor and dryer and hope to replace the orifice before charging it. Please help.

has 2 piece drive shaft front cv was replaces and u joint for front section.

Is there a 2nd port? Or a damper? Help!

ive had trouble with car not charging the battery symble light coming on time before i jacked the car up airhosed itout tap on it with hamer the light went out it started back chging that lasted two months now it has stoped chging i am going to relace it iwould like to know if the alternator will come out bottom please help

Only does it during left turns.

My car cranks starts but stops again. Was ok this morning but 8 hrs later it isn't

Change my oil first time. Couldnt get off oil filter. So I just left it alone. 3000 to 4000miles later I was going to change oil. But before had a chance. I was driving. Next thing car started knocking every time I would get it gas. The knocking again. Drove 5 miles home n then parked it ever since.

I was rear ended passenger side in the back.. Floor has a camel bump in it.. Can that be repaired?

problem with my van trying to run HOT - replaced water pump and thermo and flushed rad - no problem until last Sunday here in LA 105 car starting to run hot again can you help

The drivers side of the motor. Now a week later I'm driving down the road as I slow down to a yield sign the car dies!! It will turn over but not crank! Please help me ???

Was driving fine RPM dropped very low no matter how much pressure I pressed on gas car wanted to turn off at stops then catalytic converter and muffler got cherry red hot.

Driver side low beam headlight is not working, all fuses are good and bulb has been changed