ABS, Brake & anti-skid lights all came on and won't go off. All 3 came on at same time. Tried resetting computer but that didn't work. Still drives fine.

Bought the car at auction, it was a repossession. Only came with 1 key

We bought a car off EBay, and the passenger side wiper didn't work. Its like it wants to work like a small tick when we use the other one on the driver side. So I was wanted to get an estimate on how much it will possibly cost to fix or if it is just a simple fix that I can do at home?

Is this the new norm with the w0-20 sin oil??

Changed battery over a year ago. My license plates up 06/04. Since then the car will not pass GA emission inspection. The following non-continuous monitors not ready, Catalyst, Evaporative System, Oxygen Sensor. I have run car through drive cycle twice, put over 3,000 miles with exemption and had it at dealer twice, independent once.

When in gear

I've tried different crank position sensors but cannot locate the cam position sensor which sounds like the proble. Im lost

Headlights burn out after 2-3months. Same for backup lights.

Car was working good idling bad on its own an jus stop works engine crank not starting crank an cam sensor was change checks for broken wires were made wat could be the problem

Over the last couple of years, several times by now, my car goes into low RPM mode and I have to restart it to continue driving. Always the same code - P2110 - Throttle Actuator Control System - Forced Limited Engine Speed. So I decide to give the throttle body a bit of cleaning.Take off the air hose and look at throttle place. It's a bit dirty, but nothing too horrible. I turn the ignition on and put a dumbbell on the gas pedal to open the throttle plate. I find the throttle plate mostly open but vibrating nervelessly. Then all of a sudden it just fully closes and then opens and continues to vibrate. Is this normal? Is the vibration normal? The closing? I don't think so. Seems like the system looses throttle plate position. Am I wrong or is it time to replace the throttle body? Here is the video I took of the throttle plate vibrating:


I changes oil regularly and a interor motor bearing went bad

its about 1 inch in diameter and may be for breathing? I found the hole the other day and it was plugged with what looked like a cork screw. I believe it was plugged when I had an oil change. I have not had any accidents or went over any major bumps. Should this hole even be there?

4 cylinder 2.3 liter motor