My airbag light came on the other day and it has not turned off since. I wasn't in an accident,driving on a bumpy road, or really, doing anything that should have caused it to come on. How can I turn it off?


how variable valve timing actuator adjustable settings ?

I was rear ended a few weeks ago and had to replace all hoses, radiator, thermostat. All of a sudden the radio was fuzzy and just shut off. There is no power to the radio and now the ac button doesn't work either. I checked fuses and it isn't that. Not sure anything is even related to the accident at all but that's what happened. I'm not sure what else it could be aside from a blown fuse.

Is there a lawsuit, 3 active recalls with all 3 not offering a solution. Already replaced one motor at 50k now at 80k same problem.

driving at 90-mph with the cruse control on and the trans. seemed to go into neutral, the O/D light flashing off and we had no gear that would engage, not drive 3 ,2, 1, nor reverse

Fuel & air filters replaced. New plugs& wires. Mechanic replaced coil packs. Now car won't drive. Do I Need a New intake air control valve? Prior to these repairs my car would stall when stopped at light or stop sign. Can not drive out of the shops parking lot.

Shakes a lot.

I'm not getting check engine light or any codes. New plugs have been installed & injector cleaner used. Any ideas ?

Hmmm. How do I change the cabin air filter on a 2008 mazda mx5?

I hear this noise everyday.

The noise is coming front of the car like there is something loose.

what needs to be done.

Diagnostic test says fuel rail sensor or pressure sensor. Car can't pass emission treat until light is off. P.s. - battery disconnect did not get it to pass smog test.
Thank you for your advice on a fair repair price.

I filled the tank, I just purchased it used. and the gauge reads empty.

My Mazda 2600i misses sporadically. I changed wires, plugs, distributor and coil. Sometimes it runs perfect but later begins to miss. I used injector cleaner with no results. Spark plugs were not wet or Black.

The pickup when started will only go in reverse. You can not go forward. The man that had pickup said it would need a transmission. Is there anything else that could cause this problem?

There is gas in it and it just hit 2000 miles. This is the first time it happened. No check engine light is on and checked the spark plugs already

Had all plugs and coil packs replaced 5 years ago. Noticed brown fluid in area and on plugs in front of engine. I had to pay $900 last time I worked on these because I let an auto service do the back three plugs. Problem back than still wasn't fixed by them. I replaced one coil pack on front after I got it back and it ran great.

My temp guage suddenly flew up to the "H" and I was told I needed a new electrical cooling fan assembly which cost me $1,100 for the repair. Just wondering if this is a known problem and if so, was there a recall?

I have a 2002 Mazda 626 with a recent coolant leaks. If I maximumly fill the tank with fresh coolant, the leak is very slow, probably 1/10 per week. If the coolant level is below the half level, the leak is very fast. What is the problem? Thanks.

I have a 07 Mazda3 2.3. While changing from park to reverse motor jerks as well as going from reverse to drive and back.

We checked a few things but are not sure. It hesitate to stop sometimes and jerks when you put it in gear to drive. The muffler noise it makes is lowered when driving and it accelerate but does not go pass 30-40 mph. The more stops it makes while driving it slowly gets worse and it smokes in the back of the engine.

leading up to the wheel locking up there was a sound like tennis shoes on a basketball court, only louder. it came constantly. now it rolls but at times slows almost to a stop

This is a manual trans. The handbrake problem seems to be near the handle at the console, and went from half-working to not working at all.
The cruise control system seems complicated, and has totally stopped working a year ago. Can you supply instructions for diagnosing/repairing these systems?

The air conditioning makes it run even hotter, any ideas as to what can be causing this problem?

Replaced throttle body W/ 86K mile used Didn't fix Replaced fuel pump/ filter

Replaced spark plugs, idk if its the fuel injectors because idk how to diagnose them... but the car won't start what are some other problems could I have??? I don't want to. Go out and by fuel injectors and that not slove the issue

It's the fuel injectors what others problems can happen??

vehicle goes into fail safe , and hen I would have to switch off and restart inorder to reset the PCM