Can the message be incorrect or the sensor be going bad?

I put a new battery in and started it up and after a minute it sied and when I went to restart it all I got was a cranking sound and now dead

After turning on turn signal and apply brake the dash lights starts flashing.

What should I do..where do I look. Passenger or driver side. Is there a recall on this.


What can cause the this to happen? Could it be fan or blower module? I do hear a faint click like it wants to come on but it doesnt.

Most of the time, the car will start. Sometimes, it doesn't. No sound. Nothing.

During road trips after 50 - 100 miles the transmission will down shift then shift back. It does this mostly above 60 MPH but sometimes occurs at lower speeds. Frequency increases with distance travelled

the car is super low and bounces so much it is almost impossible to drive. Air suspension light comes on sometimes. Sometimes when car is warm it goes up

Low Lincoln in Cali
1999 Lincoln Town Car

It has only not started one time when it was cold outside one morning a week ago,its not the battery,its getting gas, and its cranking,just not cranking enough to start!!! Help me sos

mech. says the alighnment is within specs

I replaced fuses lasted for two weeks then it quit again and now replacing fuses inside car did not fix it still wont blow on high or low or air or heat

if air bag is not working in passenger rear is there a separate switch behind tire somewhere besides the one in trunk or some kind of electric attachment that I could check

I replaced both brake switches and nothing changed

Windshield fogs on outside when a is running

car sputters some times at highway speeds but when slowing down or stopping it shuts off. What do I need to look at because it has shut off when turning into oncoming traffic or coming to stop at an intersection.

It seems that the gear shift selector handle on the steering column is stuck or locked or something! It wont engage in to gear! Then @ times it seems to work fine!

Current door latch pins are in need of
replacement. The latch pin sleeve is
worn out,and I need to know if the threaded insert ( female ) is mounted to the door jam so that it will not fall into the cavity area of the door jam when removing the latch pin ass'y.?
I believe that there is play in the door
jam threaded insert to allow for adjustment of the latch pin for proper
door closure.

Steering lower shaft inspected not frozen.Power steering pump has been replaced.

While accelerating it works fine. The hesitation is very slight and only while trying to maintain lower speeds. I have had a coil go out before. This hesitation is much less noticeable than that. What should I check?

Is it possible to just tie in to the wire harness in the trunk?

It looks like something is leaking but I had it looked at and they said the brakes were ok? What could the fluid be from? It was not there when I bought the car The wheel or rims seem to be getting more covered with it.
What else might it be? Would they have been mistaken at the repair place.