When I give it gas it is worse. Do you think I need new spark plug wires or what?

I recently parked my towncar because I got another vehicle. I changed the fuel filter [1st one ive changed in 6 years] and it ran the same as usual for a month. after it sat for a week I started it to let it run for a few mins and it died within 5-10 mins. it will not start again. I checked the fuel fuses and relays I disconnected when replacing the filter and their plugged in good. the fuel pump makes the normal sound when it comes on when I turn the key once before starting. it seems its not getting fuel or spark. thanks in advance

Had the idler arm replaced. Mechanic says it may be something in the axle.

Lincoln town car 4.6 engine & replacing it with my new whole fan assembly ?

Whar is my unlock code for 2000 lincoln towncar

The problem accurs only sometimes

engine misses at idle and more when ac is on

rea end mayby mounts or joints not sure

taillights lite up showing power to the lites

I actually have a 1989 model year. The instructions on the fan shroud says disconnect the spout connector, set timing, then re-connect it, I can't and don't know where to find the connector to properly time engine.

If I run to the store and shut off the engine then when I go to restart it seems that no fuel is getting to the engine. It cranks but will not start. If I leave it sit for a while (sometimes 5 minutes, other times 2 days) then it fires right up. I replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter and it is still doing the same thing.


car randomly cranks won't start crazy electrical stuff

Had to replace the cross member and the speed sensor got broken, changed it and make speedometer won't work. Can't figure out what the plastic gear it goes into is called

My1996 Lincoln town car will not start my lights turn on but will not crank

There is a variation of around 100 RPM constantly, after the engine get in normal idle conditions, so at night you can notice how lights goes up and down too.
I used an scanner and get not codes, change spark plugs and coils too.
I took the car to a shop and they check for air leaks too, nothing found...
Any idea of what could be?

linkage was loose. tighten screws to linkage in steering column and adjusted gearshift indicator. car wont start and gearshift seems to hard to shift at times. I know that there is a indicator by the trans. do it need adjusting too. It seems the cables too tight.

when it gets to about 45 mph, this is when it happens

when I turn the car the ac blows cold but after a wild it blows hot air I tock it to a shop they told me that the problem was the control inside the dash so I replace it with a new one and still does the same thing and I pay him 200 bucks so he can tell me a falls answer can you help this 116 temperature in Arizona is no joke thx


The system is full of freon the lines get cold and the compressor comes on all duct work was changed last summer 1998 Lincoln Town car

Everyone that I've talked to information that I've attained on net has different ideas. All that I can check, I have. Please advise. Herb Bell.