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Theater core not stopetup. Can I pull codes for havoc.
now it wont start and back fires. The engine started on fire. Then when i finally got it going it sputters, chuggs, backfires and stalls while driving. I have no idea what was in my gas can and it was too late after...
I have been to two repair shops and one glass shop and the only clear answer I got was that it was not a glass seal problem. I cannot see the water coming in while raining but it is somewhere behind glove box. I have...
I've checked past filter there is pressure. but no gas in gas rail, checked the valve on rail No gas. what should I check next. What is on line that controls fuel past filter to rail?
I replaced the battery to a limo Lincoln town car. Replaced it in the parking lot of O'Reilly auto parts. they matched the battery to the one that was replaced. I drove it home. Car was fine. I tried to start it this ...
turned off switch disconnected battery is there a valve or fuse that will let the car level its self
I installed a new battery. Replaced starter. After I did that it cranked. Parked it at work when I got off it would not crank like the battery was dead. Tried to jump it off and nothing. Checked battery and battery w...
Overdrive button works on/off when car is off but when car is turned of light flashes O/D off. Checked the tranny fluid and fuses they are good.
about 3 days ago i wet dry vacuumed back floor. It didn't rain and the floor board was flooded again in two days. What could possibly be doing this.
Shuts off and hasnt ran since fuel pump sounds weak no fire in the wire or pump fire in the relay cluster doesn't work fuse is good when I turn on high beams left headlight goes out.. any advice
this happens ever time i drive at night, only when i turn the lights on.
drives me crazy also brakes groan to a stop like they are about to fail disks ok pads ok replaced sensors both sides
when slight acceleration, engine cuts out. Does not matter if going slow and accelerate, or accelerating on the highway. But, it does not cut out, if cruise control is on. this is a 2002 Lincoln Town Car Signature, 62...
I just bought this car and found the wipers not working, I thought easy enough it's probably a fuse. Fuses were good and there is no power at the fuse block. What usually causes no power to the fuse block?
My mechanic said it was stripped but had bought a repair kit..change all the coils..but they still are popping out.then he said it Could be my fuel pump going out.also because the car shut off when it's started
Checked fuses and relays, all good. Was told it could be a diode in the steering column...?
When I would hit speed bumps it would make what I would call a grinding noise, also when I would brake hard it would veer left. Like I said earlier the nose is on the ground.
Checked the relays fuses and emergency cut off can't afford the dealer . My mechanic checked wiring any suggestions?