As my car excelerates. My rpms shoot way up. But my car has no power as it climbs to speed and eventually my gears shift. I drive without overdrive cause this will cause my check engine light to flash. And the car will rev really high and go nowhere. It doesn't get hot. And does not burn oil. I have pulled out my cats and placed foulers over my sensors. This allowed me to drive in drive only at 70mph in ordr to make it to work. What is causing this

Driver's seat does not adjust forward or backwards. Motor gear grinds when you first start. I was told there are three separate motors, all part of one piece, including the seat itself. Can the motor be repaired or do I need to replace the entire seat?

No heater, blower works, but no heat comes out in any position or selection

Electric trunk latch doesn't work. Can I access it under the hood of my car?

I put it together than filled it.

Can the message be incorrect or the sensor be going bad?

I put a new battery in and started it up and after a minute it sied and when I went to restart it all I got was a cranking sound and now dead

After turning on turn signal and apply brake the dash lights starts flashing.

What should I do..where do I look. Passenger or driver side. Is there a recall on this.


What can cause the this to happen? Could it be fan or blower module? I do hear a faint click like it wants to come on but it doesnt.

Most of the time, the car will start. Sometimes, it doesn't. No sound. Nothing.