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the a/c does not seem to blow cold air and when I turn on max you can't tell any difference--blowing the same
I have water spots under the front passenger side mat and also under the drivers side mat in the summer when the air condiction is working. Any suggestions?
car won;t star seems not to be getting gas so we were going to change fuel filter first, if we can locate it thanks
need a diagram on how to replace a fan belt on my 1993 lincon town car 4.6L
Engine light comes on and book says it may be gas cap, so we take it off and re-install it and in about 3 to 4 days light goes off. Should we replace the gas cap? it has happened twice.
Which brakes pads do I use? Pistons or Phenolics? For front and rears.
Both air bags deployed. grille, windshield damage. drove fine immediately after accident, next day started and drove fine, stopped for gas and wouldn't restart after.
how much does it cost to replace the catalytic convertor
how can I orogram keyless remote control for my town car 1996
windshild wipers stopped working completely
its a 99 lincoln town car with 223000miles
all four electric windows will not work when it gets hot outside, but if it's cool the windows will go up and down fine.
My 1991 Town Car AC blows cold when I first start the car, but shortly therafter the AC shuts off....I checked Freon levels and they are I am thinking a switch/sensor is turning the compressor off...any adv...
how do you change a manifold
inside heat/cooling blows very hot air only. compressor is coming on,doesn't seem to be a problem. I do hear some sort of doors opening and closing.
I am having a hard time locating the A/C low pressure port in order to refill the refrigerant. Can anyone help me to locate it?
My tailpipe is apparently loose, I need to repair myself, just cannot find the specs online to see how it's done. Any help is appreciated, just can not afford a mechanic right now.
My driver side door panel will not come off somthing is holding it on at the door handel?
do you have to get a front end alignment when you have the ball joint replaced on the front drivers side?
My car has 194,000 miles on it. I just had the PCM replaced. Now, I am getting this code. I understand this is an emissions problem, and was told it would not effect the driveability of the car. Is it safe to drive?, ...
Our 1994 towncar has no power when pushing the gas pedal to the floor and is running very slugish, what could be the problem?
When I turn the wheel in either direction the there is a griding noise under the hood and the fluid that you can see in the container marked at max level, the fluid is shaking. Do I need a new power stering pump and i...
If I drive this car less than about 800 a year (for the last couple of years), how often should I change the engine oil and filter—twice a year? once a year? every 3,000 miles? The car is 16 years old and has 122,000 ...
I cant keep my 93 town car running. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, cam and crank sensor. Dont know what to do next.
have a 98 lincoln town car and it spins over but wont start... we changed the fuel pump relay and we drove it for a little while but once it was parked for over an hour it is back to spinning and not starting...
how do install a/c control modual do you have to remove the dash? I need the how to
will a faulty shift control solenoid cause my town car to slip out of 4th gear and back into 3rd?I experience this on my car after reaching a city speed of 40mph and highway speed of around 55mph.Otherwise my transmis...
Just bought 2008 TC with 18,400 miles. Almost rear-ended a car when, even with two feet pressing on the brake, power to the engine continued - just managed to slip it into neutral before I would have crashed. Has an...
Starting to leak and need replaced. Is there a downside to converting to standard springs and shocks?