The windshield wipers just stopped working. You can hear the click of when you turn them on, but they wipers arms don't move. What can be the problem and how can it be fixed?

want to replace, need to know where it is

I wont to replace the side mirror for my 2000 lincoln town car I want step by step answertx

Can you tell me which brake pads I need to purchase for VIN # 1LNHM82W4YY894763? (pads on rear & front).
Thanks, Dennis

What is the repair for a non working electric seat back adjustment?

the strong smell of gas inside car when running,But not all the time

have new compressor, dryer, and orifice and new freon put in. It worked for about a week now will not come on, put another compressor and a new clutch relay in. still not working. This is a limo so not sure if something in the back holding in out. Can jump it out and it will come on so it must be electrical

I replaced the battery in my car. Car ran fine. Then the replaced the terminal because they were lose wouldn't tighen up. So then the car wouldn't kick over. Sat over night then it started drove it 3 miles. Shut it off then wouldn't kick over again.

just had problem

p0308 cyclinder 8 misfire

How do I adjust shifter linkage?

Can the fuel pump cause this ?
I was told that the fuel pump check valve in the pump has to be replaced. Can I access the fuel pump by looking for a access panel in my trunk ?

Ken Claypool

shortly after the car is started a series of five beeps occurs they sound for five times and then stop there are no indication lights on the dash panel they occur again after traveling about 100 to 150 miles a mechanic told me it could be the security system please let me know what it is

Total electrical outage! When I entered the car there was nothing on - no lights or dash board data as usual. I tried to start it and there wasn't even the click of the battery trying. I went to find someone to give me jump and when I came back and opened the door again the lights were on and it would start just fine. Now again it is sitting in the driveway with nothing electrical working. I pulled in shut it off and immediately noticed that none of the usual components were running. No interiors lights, the radio which stays on til the doors open was off, and the "anti-theft" dash light was not on. It won't start - tried to jump - nothing. Help!!

my windshield wiper motor is working fine, the problem is when I turn off my wipers they stop in the middle of my windshield.

how do i change the dpfe in a 96 towncar getting a p0401 code

leaking antifreeze need to replace manifold intake and manifold intake gasket

outside temp display is erratic and ac will not work if goes to -40F or lower. cannot get heater to work, like valve not opening to heater core

My 1990 lincoln towncar is over heating , i have replaced the thermastat and have found no leaks. the radiator is circulating fine and the water pump works. The oil does not have water in it. It heats up when I have been driving it for over about 15 to 20 minutes. What else could it be?

Just learning about 03 town cars

My 2006 Linclon Town Car L-series has a oil leak which seems to be almost intermittant. Sometimes little oil and other times lots of oil. Any ideas on what it might be? Had it up on a rack and it did not appear to be coming from rear main seal.

The transmission went out on it and it has been sitting and the battery is dead. The keyless entry hasn't worked sice the battery went dead, but I could get in the car with the key. Now the key won't turn in any of the four doors.

how do i replace seals an baerins in this model car,dont have money.need your help.

tanks town car, 1990

dope leaks out of rear wheel

how do you clean a dirty throttle body without spraying on it or in it directly ??

engine has begun to run rough and the check engine light flashes.

had started to list on one side/service center suggested I fix problem

how do i replace the fuel pump

replaced 15 amp fuse for the Heater and airconditioner...blows after 2 minutes...where do I look for shorts?