when car is in reverse and backup assist detects something it beeps and then shuts off.

where ca i purchase a fuel tank grommet for 1994 lincoln town car?

All of my dashboard displays go completely out when my headlights are not on, and I cannot see any of the displays when it is daylight. My other Lincolns did not do this. Do I have a sensor out, or a fuse?
My dealer said it could not be fixed.

when moving steering wheel right to left there is a squeaking noise,moving or not can still hear noise as long as the steering wheel is turning. what could this be?

Can I remove the rear window motor from the regulator with out removing the regulator from the door. Motor is operating. Suspect the regulator gear plugs need to be replced. Thank you. Harry Hinden

happened yesterday dash went out and lights went out on car i replaced the battery and light continued to flicker after it was in. then same thin happened bttery drained

windshield fluid is full , but won't come out when I push in on the handle, all it does is makes a buzzing sound.

Looks like fan won't start when engine is hot. What should I do? Change the whole thing or check the clutch, or just a motor, or what?

manual seems complicated. Any clear tips for replacing heater core in 2000 Lincoln Town Car?

Car ran fine for a while then just died. Now it will start cold and run fine but when it gets warm it just dies. It has 40lbs fuel pressure and no spark. Anyone know what could cause this? Thanks

brakes make noise when pressed goes down to floor before car will stop

car sputters after driving 15 min then stalls its an 86

how to put on new serpentine belt

my engine light go's on and off. and the car died. and now it works but i still don't now what's wrong. i don't now what to do now

I just recently purchased a 2010 Lincoln Towncar with factory aluminum wheels. I have purchased the same size aftermarket chrome wheels designed to fit the Lincoln Towncar. What concerns if any are there in changing out the aluminum for the chrome wheels. Should any dealership or tire shop be able to change them out without issue?

Thanks, Cindy

cannot get the cruise controll to work since replacing the break switch. Everything else works

experiencing coolant loss. coolant appears to be coming from area near starter. checked engine top to bottom to include hoses,clamps,freeze plugs,heater hose connections,water pump weep hole. only happens after car has been driven. no leak(except residual)when parked.

What is a fair price for changing a fuel pump on a Lincon towncar 2001 ?

my car has been setting for about 8 months it keeps blowing fuses going to the fuel pump i put new filter on it are they anything i can do instead of putting new fuel pump on it

80000 miles. Car starts moving normally but shifts quickly through the gears bang - bang - bang until trying to shift into overdrive at about 25 mph. It shifts quickly weather I am applying full throttle or taking it easy. It then slips and will simply over rev until it gets to speed which takes a fair amount of time due to the slippage. It doesn't seem to be slipping once to speed but I can't really tell either if it really locks in. However if I apply full throttle at highway speed it does rev up and slip.

At least once a week in the morning when I go out to start the car it cranks but wont start. Once you jump it it runs all day and for the rest of the week. Checked fuses, lights, replaced fuel relay...shut off suspension at night, stopped using theft system etc...anyone have any idea what could be making this happen..

The blower/fan only works sporadically, if you turn the fan off it sometimes will not turn on again, sometimes I leave the fan switch on when it is not working, and then all of a sudden while driving it will turn on when you least expect it. The fuse for it still is good. What do you suggest we do.

how do you recalibrate the fuel pump after you replace the gas tank

Entire A/C system has been checked by a specialist. Will blow cool for a day or two then quit again.

my am will not work just makes noise but the fm works ok
also the cd states bad cd and ejects it out the cd player always worked before


The windshield wipers just stopped working. You can hear the click of when you turn them on, but they wipers arms don't move. What can be the problem and how can it be fixed?

want to replace, need to know where it is

I wont to replace the side mirror for my 2000 lincoln town car I want step by step answertx

Can you tell me which brake pads I need to purchase for VIN # 1LNHM82W4YY894763? (pads on rear & front).
Thanks, Dennis