The sensors on bank 1 and 2 are going out the check engine light came on and the shows they are running too lean.

my car was makeing a noise on tha driver tire side. I made a reverse right side turn it something sound like it fell out. now it wont drive reverse or nothing. what is it and hw much. wow. SO Sad

I was told my axle is causing fluid on my brakes. What is the most reasonable way to handle this ?

My rear brakes have fluid on them from the axle. What is the most reasonable way to handle this problem ?

I have a 2000 town car that the driver side electric seat does not work. I can hear the relay click but the seat will not move.

all other locks work except front passenger door

My key is stuck in the ignition switch! One time it was stuck and I jiggled the key and made sure the gear was all the way in park and it just came out. Now it won't. I keep the key in there and just set the alarm. Now my car is hesitant to start every time I'm ready to leave. Its possibly wearing my battery or starter out. Help me please.!!!! How do I get the key out? Note: have hard shifting between gears, sometimes i have to release the gas pedal for the car to shift gears, is my transmission slipping or giving out on me?

All components work for heater/controls. No air comes out, cannot hear blower running. air vents switch over with controls. checked fuses under dash, all seem good. any other things i can check before taking to repair shop, or is this something i can fix myself? i do have some mechanical skills.

My 1992 towncar has been a good one. When we got back from town today I parked in Driveway to wash all the mud off, (we have snow and mush. Roads were mostly dry. I hosed down the car to remove mud and when I tried to start it. I got one little click which I get each time I turn the starter switch strangely enough all the little dash light come on showing problems with everything. Headlights work fine. Battery is only about a month old. HELP
Thank You

how do you replace a heater core in this car? what has to be done?

car is dragging in rear and bumps hard when hit bumps

My town car's suspension system leveling pump has recently started running within minutes of starting the car and runs about every 10-15 minutes for about 2-3 minutes.

My 91 lincoln has a hard time starting. When the engine does finally catch there is a loud whirring noise coming from the front of the engine compartment. Could this be a fuel pump problem?

leaking power steering fluid making popping noise when turning sharp


cost to fix

does the town car have a low oil shutoff sensor

Is it okay to ask to inspect the finished work on their lift before I settle up? The Autotire tech totaled the charge of $1285 when he called (I had dropped the car off earlier) told me the diagnosis for repairing this (by replacing both tie rods, idler arms, the pitman arm and lower right and left ball joint, replacing both shocks, doing an alignment, and flushing the coolant). I gave the go ahead for the $1285 estimate and after he got into the job called again to claim the old right ball joint just fell out when he started working on it and then said I needed a new lower passenger control arm after the original estimate of 1285. At first he told me that he could only get the part new at the dealer for $500 and then I asked about a used one. He lter called back and said he found one in good condition for $100. Then he also added another $100 for labor charge which made $1285 become $1485. He also told me the control arm didn't need new bushings (seems like it should when replacing the lower control arm on a 1997 Lincoln town car with 118k miles). I'm going in tomorrow to settle up (they didn't finish on Saturday) and I'd like to inspect to see if he did all of that, because of how he handled the control arm (it would take much longer to explain why). I figure if he did all of this, then $1485 seems okay. Also, how can I tell if the coolant was flushed and replaced? Thanks.

how do i take off door panel driver side

My A/C in my 2002 Lincoln Town Car is not working at all. I am assuming it is the compressor. I need a cost estimate.

oil is leaking from area near oil filter

when I the fan/AC is on inside smells like the car was sitting in an old water tank. After a while the smell is gone...
Any Idea what can cаuse this???

Where is the air compressor for the rear airbags located?

the heater control panel is dead no lights no display checked fuses ok system is completly dead. I just bought this car and it sat for roughly 2 years. you can turn the headlights on and for a breif istant it will display

My Dashboard display when blank and the radio don't work the clock has no light and my trunk do not close can you tell me what could be the problem?

the airbag light will not come on now when i start the car the warning beep for about 25 time before it stop

sometime the car will misfires three or four time then it will run smooth

when car is in reverse and backup assist detects something it beeps and then shuts off.

where ca i purchase a fuel tank grommet for 1994 lincoln town car?

All of my dashboard displays go completely out when my headlights are not on, and I cannot see any of the displays when it is daylight. My other Lincolns did not do this. Do I have a sensor out, or a fuse?
My dealer said it could not be fixed.