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what would make you have to replace the catalystic converter

I would like to know why all my windows stop going up and down. First, the rear window in 2008, the front passenger in 08/2010, and finally the driver window in 11/2010. I can push the button for each window, and I can hear, what I think is the motors wining. i would like to know what my problem is, or what I can check, or is it it a situation for the dealer. I was told by a window tech that its an electrical problem.Pleeeease Help!!!!!!

I want to replace my fuel filter and need to know how to remove the shroud over my carbureator. There is a 'bolt'
on the rear top of this shroud with a 1/4" drive hole in the center, but it won't move?
I would appreciate some direction on this challenge.

have a 1997 lincoln signature series the problem is with the heat and air heater gets really HOT but no air conditioning also it may be 70 degrees f outside but inside it show 28 celisus what is it ?

check engine light came on 2 days ago.

changed catylac converters all four still feels like loss of power or clogged

My 06 Lincoln TC sometimes has a intermiitent hesitaion at low RPM's when begining to accelerate after slowing down for a red light. It feels like there's a misfire then all of a sudden the motor gets momentum and kicks in. This seems to occur only once in a while. I'm getting poor gas mileage(12 mpg)as well. I've changed the spark plugs and filters and no codes come up when scanned. Thinking that possibly may have a coil that is starting to go bad or a mass air flow sensor problem. Any input would be appreciated!!! Can reach John at DPCLOSER1@GMAIL.COM

How do you cancel the easy access feature of the drivers seat sliding back when the key is removed and you are exiting the car?


Battery drains over several days, Replaced battery and alternator. Even disconnected battery for 2 weeks and it was fine. Any suggestions?

I once owned a "94" Lincoln Town car in which I remembered as being very spacious inside. I just purchased a "92" Lincoln Town Car and when I sit in it, I feel like the roof is too low and the width of the inside of the "92" doesn't remind me of the with that I think the "94" town car had. Am I just imagining a ddifference, or are both vehicle the same size inside?

First and foremost - I'm not looking to pay for anything !
I'm looking for directions and information on how to replace the spark plugs in my 2005 Lincoln Towncar.

The car started and ran fine yesterday. Parked it over night and went to start the next morning and everything worked fine including the the starter selonoid with a loud click. The engine, however, did not crank. Tried a spare key with the same results just incase it was a security issue. Same results... No luck. Battery is less than a year old and tests good. Car still under warrenty but will have to be towed unless there is a bypass I can use. I'm stumped. Can someone help??

My Lincoln Towncar, Signature Series, has 97,000 miles and I need to change the spark plugs. Please advise how this is done.

i am interested in having this done on a 1995 lincoln town me @ thanks

As soon as I start the car, the fan stays on continually. Pushung "Off" does not work. A/C & Heater work fine, but fan is always on.

I have a 93 Lincoln Town Car, and over the last few months, the gear shift has been loose/sloppy. Going from reverse to drive required a little guess work. Getting the car in park also required me to yank it to the left multiple times, the faster I jammed the shifter over, the higher the odds of success. Tonight I tried parking a slight incline, but there was also ice. After several failed attempts to get the car to stay in park, I yank a little harder than average and I felt all the tension drop and now my gear shift will move freely left right as well as forward an backwards, which is new. My car is automatic and not going anywhere. I think it's in neutral now, or maybe park, and it won't start. Please help as soon as you can. Also if you know how expensive this would be to fix a shop, or if this can easily be handled by myself and a friend if necessary.

My back left window has been forced and the car broke into.
The window now slips down into the door, the motor on the window still works fine. I am just trying to figure out how to remove the door panel so I can get to the window underneath and fix it. I know im being really dumb here. I have removed the two screws either side at the top door and the screw next to the handle. Ive popped the control panel out and I can see inside the door. It looks like there are screws underneath the carpet on the bottom of the door. I guess there are clips which need to be popped too. I just don't want to damage anything. Please be very specific thanks so much, Alex

mostly between 30-40mph no check engine light or codes in the vehicles computer.

When I come to a stop the headlights flicker a little bit.
If I put it in neutral and rev the engine the flickering stops. What is the cause and is it serious?

after rian moving or not

at yhe end of the stablizer bar is a peice that has a ball bearing on it

took the hose off the compressor and when it comes on dont feel any air should i feel air. it does come on often but the rear dont lift/.

I believe my alarm went off by itself and ran until battery dead, Afterwards all interior lights on & can't shut off as well as door ajar message. Please help.

My air suspension is not working properly will it matter if I do not get it repaired. I was quoted $700 and it is out of my price range right now

If you have had the EGR Sensor Valve replaced, how long should it last.

driving down eastfield was nothinf wrong with my car then i heard a pop and loud noise and the mechanic said the right side went i keep my car in tip top shape what would cause this

2003 Town Car w/ 60,000 miles. Current set of tires have 12,000 mi on them. The issue is a vibration when the car reaches 35 mph. The harmonic is coming from the rear of the chassis.
With the car up on a lift we noticed that both rear tires have excessive wear/cupping on the INNER (differential) side which indicates too much negative camber on the rear wheels.

Q: Is the camber for the rear wheels adjustable?
Q: If not what is causing the alignment to be "out" all of a sudden? Up to 8 - 10,000 miles ago the tires wore evenly and we had no problems.

Any advice appreciated.

what knid of maintenance program show I have my Lincoln on to insure it runs for an other 155000 miles?

my2 2001 lincoln town car keeps going bad am i installing them wrong