mostly between 30-40mph no check engine light or codes in the vehicles computer.

When I come to a stop the headlights flicker a little bit.
If I put it in neutral and rev the engine the flickering stops. What is the cause and is it serious?

after rian moving or not

at yhe end of the stablizer bar is a peice that has a ball bearing on it

took the hose off the compressor and when it comes on dont feel any air should i feel air. it does come on often but the rear dont lift/.

I believe my alarm went off by itself and ran until battery dead, Afterwards all interior lights on & can't shut off as well as door ajar message. Please help.

My air suspension is not working properly will it matter if I do not get it repaired. I was quoted $700 and it is out of my price range right now

If you have had the EGR Sensor Valve replaced, how long should it last.

driving down eastfield was nothinf wrong with my car then i heard a pop and loud noise and the mechanic said the right side went i keep my car in tip top shape what would cause this

2003 Town Car w/ 60,000 miles. Current set of tires have 12,000 mi on them. The issue is a vibration when the car reaches 35 mph. The harmonic is coming from the rear of the chassis.
With the car up on a lift we noticed that both rear tires have excessive wear/cupping on the INNER (differential) side which indicates too much negative camber on the rear wheels.

Q: Is the camber for the rear wheels adjustable?
Q: If not what is causing the alignment to be "out" all of a sudden? Up to 8 - 10,000 miles ago the tires wore evenly and we had no problems.

Any advice appreciated.

what knid of maintenance program show I have my Lincoln on to insure it runs for an other 155000 miles?

my2 2001 lincoln town car keeps going bad am i installing them wrong

the engine cranks but will not start.

I had my battery fail although not even a year old replaced the alternator and the battery failed again so I replaced the battery after I start the car the alternator starts charging but as soon as I drive it fails and the car runs off the battery kkilling it

My Heat dosen't come on nor the air conditioner.


during acceleration around 40 to 50 mph, it sounds like i'm driving over multiple speed bumps. i just let off the gas and it stops for that time but happens continually during acceleration

How much to fix an odometer ?

No problem, just how often should fluid be changed? Thanx

I am told that this should be done every 100,000 miles including the water pump

car does not go from heat to a/c .stays on heat all the time when turned on automatic. give estimated price to repair

just started doing it tonite

3days ago had spark plugs,wires and 2 used ignition coils replaced. 3 times today car dash lights went off and car had no power, looked under hood for loose wires,found none, moved different wires, lights come on and car startes up.

car will not start after short drive it has spark but real low fuel pressure replaced pump and filter still same problem but will start up following day or after it cool for couple hours

cold weather warm weather car will run at ideal all day but not after short drive occures

What sounds like a grating noise seems to be coming from the left side of the engine. No check engine soon light, therefore no codes. Occurs mostly when engine is cold, but also at other times. When noise occurs, engine RPM increases, most noticable when stopped. Requires a little extra braking at those times. Reving the engine usually stops noise.

I drove my car to town and turned it off but it wouldn't start back. I had it towed home and let it set for four days. It started just fine. I drove it about a week and it did the same thing, I towed it back home and let it set about a week and it started. I checked everything I could and it all checks ok. What could be the problem?

Lincoln 103,000 miles. Time and price to install L/Rfront sway bar link kits.

has a oil smell when warmed up

I have taken out the bolts of the rear axle which is bent, removed brakes and yet it wont budge?

low engine per fuel pr 38 fuelrail clean new plugs and filter 35moh on the floor mis fire no speed