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I can't figure out what size star fitting tool I need. Ive tried everything, a 50,55,60 and then tried star alan wrenches and I cant get any to fit. Apparently this is the only year navigator that is set up this way.....
I turn the knob on the dashboard and put it in 4 wheel low and now its stuck and won't come back out
my driver side window doesnt work but all others work fine. when i hit the button i here a click down by the fuses and i thought it was the relay 4 cuz when i pulled it out it stopped making the click but i went to na...
If I replace air suspension control module as same type part number do I have to flash or reprogram it?
The front suspension drops down while driving. When starting up at idle the suspension raises but I can still hear the air escaping. As soon as you turn the ignition off the front drops immediately. The rear is sta...
The drivers windshield wiper works when it wants to.
no comunication with the pcm ecm after replacing blend door motor
I was surprised to find out that my truck had been leaking oil. I took it to three different places and they're all basically telling me it's the rear main seal. And the price too replace it parts and labor are out o...
I change the old to new radiator. The problem still the same. I want to know how come the oil mixed together with the water inside the radiator a blow out when it is overheat.
rear sespension of car is riding real low. leaking air bag,compressor motor, or springs?
Truck was running hot leaking from radiator what do u think it is
After starting car and while pressing brake pedal, I sometimes can not move the gear shift from Park position. I believe the brake pedal switch is OK as the brake lights work ... but the gear shift remains locked. I...
what can I do if the truck is telling me one of the passengers door is open when is fully close and the lights stay on how can I fix this.thank you
Escalade, or Lexus gx470.. I'm looking to buy another truck and I'm afraid of maintenance costs?
I have checked the brake lights and they work. I checked the fuse panel for failures and there were none. I used the manual over ride to grt the Lincoln into gear so I could move it.
Hey everyone anyone who can be of some assistant! I have 2004 Lincoln Navigator and it is leaking from the back over my exhaust! its leaking what seems like to be coolant, because after a while my car runs hot so can ...
I parked my navigator for one hour then went to start it no go! It doesn't turn over or make a sound but power to the vehicle is good and had got it started by striking the starter solenoid.