I change the old to new radiator. The problem still the same. I want to know how come the oil mixed together with the water inside the radiator a blow out when it is overheat.

rear sespension of car is riding real low. leaking air bag,compressor motor, or springs?

I have tried almost every switch to turn off the interior lights in my Navigator. I know it is a simple fix, but just can't find the right button to turn the lights off. All interior lights are burning and running board lights too. Looked in the Owners guide/manual, but can't seem to find the instructions on how to turn the lights off. This keeps running my battery down.

I bought this car used. The air ride system was replaced with a standard suspension system. When I put my scooter carrier (with scooter) on the rear hitch I get a swaying motion at speeds over 40 MPH. I have used this carrier on Honda mini vans as well as Ford Expeditions without any problems. By replacing the air system do I now need to add a sway bar or some other components? I noticed that the carrier is about 3" higher on this car otherwise everything else is the same.

I have to put the car in the number2 or 1 and then shift it to regular drive after I get my speed up to 45-50mph. And it is a 2000 Lincoln navigator.

Truck was running hot leaking from radiator what do u think it is

I have changed the thermostat and water pump. It only runs hot while going about 70mph occassionally

Upon starting, pass. side turn signal and brake light work. After that nothing. Is finding the cause extensive?

After starting car and while pressing brake pedal, I sometimes can not move the gear shift from Park position. I believe the brake pedal switch is OK as the brake lights work ... but the gear shift remains locked. It usually unlocks after I open a door.

By-the-way, my interior lights usually remain on for several minutes after I shut car door. Perhaps the two issues are related.

When driving my 2004 navigator, it bounces up an down when driving over dips in the highway. The vehicle has an air suspension system. The navigator isn't sagging low in the rear. Air seems to be going into the air bags. What might be the problem?

what can I do if the truck is telling me one of the passengers door is open when is fully close and the lights stay on how can I fix this.thank you

Escalade, or Lexus gx470.. I'm looking to buy another truck and I'm afraid of maintenance costs?

My mechanic told me that I need transmition control modul,cost $3000 .my Lincoln is in Europe,no one really know haw to repair this car .... I apreciate any one with advice,thank you

I have checked the brake lights and they work.
I checked the fuse panel for failures and there were none.
I used the manual over ride to grt the Lincoln into gear so I could move it.

Hey everyone anyone who can be of some assistant! I have 2004 Lincoln Navigator and it is leaking from the back over my exhaust! its leaking what seems like to be coolant, because after a while my car runs hot so can anyone someone help me out please!

I parked my navigator for one hour then went to start it no go! It doesn't turn over or make a sound but power to the vehicle is good and had got it started by striking the starter solenoid.

stamped or maybe a sticker located on the vehicle.

Fuel pump replaced-no fuel being sent out.Same symptoms as before replacement,engine cranks-fails to start.

I switch the knob while in neutral back to 2wd but nothing happens. While driving in 4 wheel it jerks like driving a 5 speed and makes weird noise

and also the inside light come on ,and running broad light pop on while driving ,and when I turn the car off the same light wont go off

and also the inside light come on ,and running broad light pop on while driving ,and when I turn the car off the same light wont go off

when i accelerate , i can hear clicking sound from the passenger fire wall side under the hood. vehicle has a mil lamp on code p0320. 3l74-14305 - has been changed. wds release b32.2 or higher

battery will not stay charged. I was hold the body computer has a short in it. Is this posabule.

i just bought a 2003 navigator it has 113k miles runs and shifts very good, but now when i put it in reverse i get a squeaking or a vibration that i can hear coming from the rear axel area. just wondering if anyone has had anything like this or anyone might be able to give me and idea what the problem is.