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When they hit me, the steering wheel jumped out about 4-5 inches. Since then I can move it in and out about an inch in a telescoping manner. There is no problem with steering.
after I was done the battery had run down so I jump started it and let it run for awhile to charge it. On Tues morning I started it up and when I went to put in drive it wouldn't Move! The Tach was at 100 and my speed...
took vic. to car wash and after washing im having troubles turning from a stop. P.S. fluid is full belt is good. when at speed no troubles turning. It is stiff then easy the stiff again. have not had any troubles befo...
Ever since I had the engine replaced, since I got it back it shuts off randomly when on. It starts immediately when I turn the key to start it. Another mechanic who is not certified is telling me that I need a whole n...
it started as a slight scraping and only once in a while now its really loud. any suggestions what it might be?
Where is it located on a 2000. Lincoln Navigtor
The oil is good and was always checked.
as I drive down the road it drive like it is in 4x4 mode and the speedometer reads 4x more then the speed i am going
if I let it warm up sometimes it will go into drive sometimes it takes 30 minutes to get into gear
it's doing is making a tiking sound and that's it. I replaced the starter alternator and the starter solenoid And Now it's not starting and
Shakes when idling and engine light blinks when I get on the highway.
I noticed a miss or hesitation when i got out of the truck i now have a tap ...79000 miles second owner mobil one oil this is my third nav never had this b4 ...very please
Tried a new fuse and relay, both in the compartment to the right of the passenger seat, under the dash. No luck. All bulbs flash fine when I turn on the hazards. Is there another fuse box?
I hooked my OBD Scanner in the Computer Data Link under the right side of the drivers side and my ODB does not even turns on. I tried the same OBD scanner in my Chevy and it does work. Any one has a batter...
Is this the only thing that can be bad on vehicle with this code,compressor will not come on at all?
what is the function of the intake manifold holes what does it do
was wondering if re-torqueing the head would help?
Passenger rear shock bolt broke and shock went thru heater hoses. Cannot find any hoses, how to repair?
Why is there a hissing noise like air escaping when I release my foot off of the brake pedal after a stop? The sound is so obvious that I have had passengers ask about the noise. When taken to the dealer they said t...
I received and installed the most recent Navteq navigational system disc from the dealer after the dealer installed the car routes to the longest route from beginning address to ending address. The dealership tried t...
When driving at speeds of 60-70mph my truck skips (thumps) and I am not sure if the truck has a timing belt or not or what is causing that... I just had a oil change, air filter replaced and transmission flush...
Last night I went to shift from park to drive, and I got a little ahead of myself in the heat of things. I hit the gas to go before It was fully in drive. so I suppose it didn't have enough time to get into the right ...
When I push up arrow the driver side doors unlock but the passenger doors do not unlock
The arrow lights up on the dashboard when it is turned on but the arrow does not blink