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Wiper fluid works and rear end works
I can find no readily observable latch around the inside of the tray opening. Any advice on DIY repair options would be appreciated.
no comunication with the pcm ecm after replacing blend door motor
Garage cannot locate an electrical shop that has it in inventory. Do not want to buy new mirror due to cost of a replacement mirror. Don't know part no.
smell like anti freeze...
Fuel low3 miles to e battery dead tried to get a jump but want start
I recently had 3 sensors burn up and the mechanic recommended going to the dealership?
Seems to happen at same temp on gauge every time,and will not restart for at least 30 minutes and then it will happen again either immediately or 1/2 a mile down the road,check engine light was on but reset it and has...
I have already changed thermostat and blend door
I was surprised to find out that my truck had been leaking oil. I took it to three different places and they're all basically telling me it's the rear main seal. And the price too replace it parts and labor are out o...
I am currently looking at upgrading from a mini-van to a Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition, etc. Found a nice Navigator 2008 with 113,000 miles on it. My husband says the miles are to high for a car that age, my frie...
I change the old to new radiator. The problem still the same. I want to know how come the oil mixed together with the water inside the radiator a blow out when it is overheat.
rear sespension of car is riding real low. leaking air bag,compressor motor, or springs?
I have tried almost every switch to turn off the interior lights in my Navigator. I know it is a simple fix, but just can't find the right button to turn the lights off. All interior lights are burning and running b...
I bought this car used. The air ride system was replaced with a standard suspension system. When I put my scooter carrier (with scooter) on the rear hitch I get a swaying motion at speeds over 40 MPH. I have used this...
I have to put the car in the number2 or 1 and then shift it to regular drive after I get my speed up to 45-50mph. And it is a 2000 Lincoln navigator.
Truck was running hot leaking from radiator what do u think it is
I have changed the thermostat and water pump. It only runs hot while going about 70mph occassionally