Radio and Clock may work but then go off after a few minutes. I have checked the fuses and they are ok. It doesn't act like a ground issue as it happens sitting still. Could it be a relay faulting?

where is inertia switch located

A replacing fuel pump,putting fuse back in, connecting battery cables, lowering the car. Try to start vehicle it does not reconize that a new pump has been installed. Connected computer to check for the problem, does not show any codes and did a reset. Still not turning pump on. ?????
Any ideas?

mechanic says caliper is sticking without road test and needs to replace both calipers

what ford explorer year will a motor fit if the motor size is the same 5.4 L does it matter what year

replaced heads timming chains an guides ,will turn over but will not start no fire crank sensor good ecm good

I have a 98 Lincoln Navigator and the fan blows in all modes on the climate control. The problem is there is no temp control. I have no A/C or heat in any mode on the system. Everything else on the car functions fine but the is a check engine light on on the dash.

where is this located

always happens no error codes

car wont start,tried to jump start but dident work

recently my back up sensors stoped working then they work again i drive down the street and the "check park assist" comes on. any one had this problem.

how much does it cost to replace the engine? 5.7

location of coil is it located behind pletinum

coilpack on numder 2 there is a ploblem. changed coil and sparkplug

can I get a good discrpptive location of the upstream O2 sensor, I will be removing and replacing it.

Yea on my 98 lincoln navigator I ain't getting fuel or fire my fuelpump is good all relays and fuses are good. Could this be a map sensor or what could it be please help thanks

smoke comes out of tail with gas and truck have no power,smell of gas

Turn off suspension switch before jacking/lifting vehicle with air suspension, but I didnt, now how do I fix running boards not coming down and uneven

the driver side running board want retract,the other side works fine. I haven't had any trouble out of the running board at all, until now,could anyone tell me what to look for.

advancetrac light on dash wont shut off

just bought a 1999 navigator. it wont go into park and has to be started in neutral. i was told it was shift tube. anyone know how to repair or replace it.

truck would not properly go into park and sometimes would drift backwards, today we found a screw on the floor and now it wont shift into park at all. I am suffering from cancer and need this vehicle and dont have alot of money\. please help me

are the P,R,D,l,2 lights are suppose to stay on when the car is turned off or do they are suppose to be on at all time even when you are driving. Or do they suppose to be on when you have your headlights on?

how much does it cost to fix

How do you replace a leaking wiper fluid line to the rear window? No fluid makes it to the rear window. When you try to pump fluid to the back it all drains out about mid-way back.

my compressor has quit working and my vehicle is lowered all the way. we would like to see if its a fuse. i cannot find anyone to give me the skimatics for the fuse. there is no labeling on the fuses. my husband is wanting to change the fuse first before he does away with the air ride and changes to regular struts and shocks.

how do i change the no.3 coil pack on a lincoln navigator

I have a 1999 navigator with 88000 mils on it I am have a problem I am getting mototr oil in the spark pluge more towards the back plugs it starts but when I turn it off it wont start due to the plugs wet from oil it does not burn oil either please help

Trucks bounces up and down I think it might be the air suspension. How much does it cost to fix and is there an alternitive replacement part.

my battery went dead yeasterday, replaced battery today, truck cranks over but wont start. anti-theft lights continuously on. how do i override it without takin into a dealer?