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The above Happens occasionally.only code is po150
For o2 bank 2 sensor 1...
other problem is during braking,tranny will upshift at slow speed pushing vehicle forward unexpectedly.

The noise happens at random doesn't matter if the cars going fast/slow. forward or in reverse.

Changed the spark plugs, wires, and most of the parts to do with the cylinder firing. Still have the code and is still running rough

How do you turn off chime sound when you stop

the air condioner still works but it makes a banging noise while running

what causes an amplifier to go bad ?

can a car amplifier go out, that"s less than 5 years old?

My headlights come on but go off after 10-20mins but if i turn the light switch off and back on the lights come back on and continue to do the same. The fog lights stay on as they should. I first thought my light bulbs were bad but that cant be cause they work. It started a month ago with the right side headlamp doing what i describled but last night it switched to the left side which never happened and now the passengered side stays on. I drove about 25mins more in my car last night and now both headlights go out at the same time but come right back on when i turn the interior light switch back on and off. What could this possibly be. I asked the dealership while getting my oil change but they wanted to charge me $200/hr just to diagnose but did tell me if i had to replace my light bulbs that it will be $1,000

Also a popping noise coming from the glove compartment. Will do this on start up or just driving down the rode. It is not a constant, but happens every time the car is driven.

Or is it difficult to replace the oil pan an estimate on cost. Thanks

System, but the pedal is still the same what elese can I bleed or what could it be how do I fix this problem

In light came just for a second

Just had a water pump replaced 2 weeks ago. All belts were off during repair. Dealership stated all belts looked good. Wouldn't it be logic for the dealership to replace the serpentine belt if there was a coolant leak?

Complete 4-wheel brake job, outer tie rod ends, lower control arm assembly, 4 new tires with 2 times tire balancing and 2 times 4-wheel alignment didn't fix this problem. Very subtle, rhythmic friction/grabbing when braking that is progressively more noticeable at slower speeds as vehicle slows to stop. This seems to be originating at frond end. I can detect very faint, elusive slight rhythmic noise at higher speeds, but location for this symptom is difficult to pinpoint.

they are loose an rattling at low speed

Is this going to be a reoccurring issue? Tried shutting them off, bright to dim, fog lights on and off, several times. The automatic dimmer was malfunctioning too and now it's fine too.

Almost turned over once, but nothing since. The horn will honk after I hit start button on fob.

After 3 pr 5 minutes the headlights goes off ,one side then the other side ,
I have to turn the lights of and then turn then on to get it work.
What should I do.

Lincoln dealer ran diagnostic starter voltage battery all checked out out good. Haven't gotten the problem do it at the dealer. Would not start today took about 7 hrs before started. Dealer close for holiday

Long story short, I had my Motorcraft battery crack and the cables were corroded, so I bought a new Duralast Gold battery along with Duralast Gold cables. It turns out that the MKS has multiple harnesses connected to both cables, and it is one big piece. How do I replace the entire cable system myself? Any diagrams or tips would be greatly appreciated.