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It's overheating and I hear grinding noise by water pump. What are the chances that its the water pump that went bad? P.S. It's not leaking anything either.
Front in drops down and warning light for check air ride system flashes, How much cost to replace air suspension, with VIII coil spring conversion kit for Mark VIII?
problems with air ride system
the radio comes on when i start the car and won`t shut car wouln`t start and the mechanic put 2 bolt ends to the battery. the runs fine but the message center circle to slowly to cal.everything else works ,he t...
what type refridgerent do iuse in 96 markvlll
My message center say window washer fluid low. I added washer fluid but message stays on and nothing else comes up on board. What can I do?
Car will not shut off. Have replaced the ignition lock and key. Do you think the ignition switch needs to be replaced and if so how do you replace it?
My rear airbags stay up for a few days then won't inflate again for a few more days. I want to find the location of the pump to see if it might be a loose connection.Can someone help?
when i start the car the radio comes on and the antenna goes up and shuts off when the car is turned off
when i start the car the radio comes on and won`t shut off,also antenna goes up
Ok, here is the issue. I own a 1995 Lincoln Mark 8 that has had a problem. It will not start and run. There is an apparent short in the system since the 40 AMP IGN SW fuse under the hood blows when it doesn't want to ...
i have a bad shake in front end right at 40 mph. wheels are balenced and alined. does anyone have any ideas.
will a HID headlight conversion kit work in my 1997 lincoln mark viii lsc? it is from HID it work???
will an HID xenon light kit work on my 1997 lincoln mark viii lsc? my headlights are out and want to convert the cheapest way possible. HID 637633 is the part number--will this work in the 1997 lincoln mark viii lsc...
the car runs well, has 52000 miles, but no longer raises or lowers and rides like a pogo stick, has sunk to such low level as to not be able to get out of driveway. I don't know what needs to be fixed or if I can aff...
Today the #4 fuse blew in my car. I replaced it and within a couple of minutes the same fuse blew again. What could be causing this to happen?
the compressor clutch has no power coming to it
ac compressor always engauged even when off is there something i can do it also blows hot air when ac is turned on?
passenger side floor gets all wet when it rains does anyone know where it might be coming from?
how do you take a fuel pump apart
have no power to brake light or turn signal sockets however brake light in rear window works fine,running lights all work.fuse is good,n cant seem to find flasher switch to replace it.all bulbs are good.driving me cra...
how to turn off or reset the "oil change required" light .i have changed the oil already. also the "check engine" light
my "drivers door ajar" alert is always on after the outside temp warms up or have driven car for hour or so. Also my door locks are always twitching to un lock. It's just like someone is pushing the unlock switch eve...
the anti theft system seems to have the car in lockdown mode, will not start. How do you reset the system?
why does my mark 8 overheat?
simple Q/A: Where is the thermostat located; What procedures to use to replace the thermostat; Auto Zone said to use the straight, not 50/50 pre-mixed antifreeze; Which type-gasket is best to use? What is the actual...
Ichanghed the brake switch that was not the problem gear shifter stays locked no brake lights or tail lights
What is the approximate cost of repairing an oil leak from the front seal?
I think it might have something to do with the air ride but i am not sure
I was recently told by my Ford dealer that the headlight assembly for 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII has been discontinued and no longer available and even if it were it would cost $1900.00 for just the passenger side,now tha...