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The cap is rusted real bad. I have to drain the coolant to fix the oil leak. How do i get the cap off crossover tube? Is their another way to add coolant and burp air out?
While the car was idling, the engine started smoking and the temp guage was rising to hot. The hoses and water pump seem to be ok.
computer screen is dark and needle on gas gauge points straight up
Even if i completely disconnect the stereo system I am get very very loud noises through my speakers which occured after installing the air ride conversion kit. I have tried disconnecting the system in the back of th...
all vents and fan work,core not plugged. just no heat at all.
I ignition is on panel not steering column and with anti lock system i also need housing that the key ignition fits in if possible u can contact me faster @1209 752 1480 thank you
comes on after normal operating temp then shuts down and battery isw dead this is the secound alternqator I have installed I had battery checked and is good I have checked all wires and nothing looks or test bad I hav...
what kind of thermostat do i buy and how much does it cost.
what all could b wrong? looked in my repaire manual, but didn`t say much.
Had almost the same problem before it was the battery,put a new battery it started running fine.Have you ever heard this
The Accelerator Cable Broke..I Have a Repalcement Cable... But I eed to See a Diagram of Where the Cable Come's thru the Firewall and Connect's to the Cable
Is Their a DSpecial Tool to take off The Air Intake Tube..? Because It has Very Little Room For Hands.. If Their any Way Possible That I Can Get a Diagram of the air Intake, and Throttle Linkage as itCome off of the ...
The shop that we've always trusted says $800.00 but from what I've researched it doesn't seem to be that involved.
I have installed a new AC compressor, dryer and orifice. Vacuumed the system and recharged. The AC does not work. The height pressure line is very hot, the low is not cold. The pressure in H.line builds up to 500. Wha...
Need to get this car to South Carolina where I can replace the rack. Can I bypass the rack and drive without power steering? Dont want to have to replace the pump too. Can that be looped to itself? Pressure switch at ...
air bag suspension system replaced - part cost $800
other functions work just not reverse, it moves forward just a tad when you hit the key fob and now it's to far fwd to drive..switch seems to be in good condition(contacts and pwr and gnd..etc.) but it doesn't want to...
Within a couple days, the entire front end of car sank. When started, compressor will come on but bags DO NOT INFLATE. I think Goodyear is responsible for this and damaged my vehicle. Air System was working fine befor...
On starting red light goes off (like it should)but, a mile or two down the road it comes on, for the past 3 days. I had an oil change and filter done right away, oil level is good, still the oil light comes on after ...
my car cranks but wont start
I went to a gas station and pumped $10.00 worth of gas into the Lincoln. I went back home which is a mile. When I went out to start the car the next day the engine turned over good, but acted like it was out of gas.I ...
the computer reads driver door ajar and cannot lock the door when i push the door switch it goes closed then opens up immediately
door handles broken
when turned on it doesn't always come on sometimes it is random sometimes if i hit a road bump "just right" it comes on..when it comes on, it is plenty cold or hot
I have had this happen three times on drivers side and replaced(expensive) now the one on the passengers side has broken..what's up with this crappy "metal"..thanks for your comments
need to pass it hard to long does it you need special tool..
My steering wheel is not centered. What is the solution?
What is involved with adding daytime running lights?