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Where is the module located?

The headlights stopped working (come on sporadically), air bag light comes on once in awhile, "check charging system" on the display, heater shuts off sporadically (display and fan), no cruise control, battery has been dead twice, but most of the time has plenty of juice to start, jut all these intermittent problems. A friend said it is likely the "black box" in the trunk or under the driver's seat. My biggest concern is the headlights. What is likely the problem and is there a way to at least get the headlights working if the major repair would be too costly?

I just replaced the blend door actuator and that is working. The air started out getting hot and stayed hot. When I adjusted the temperature on the panel, it started blowing cold air again. I put temp back on 90 and the air was still blowing out cold. I am trying to guess it's one of 3 things. Cabin Air Temperature Sensor, Heater Control Valve or the thing that controls the heat and ac panel needs to be replaced.

I recently had both front and rear bags replaced. I wasn't having trouble but with 120k on it thought I'd be proactive. Rear is fine but there is a leak in front. No problem while driving but after system shuts down it will gradually leak out. All new solenoids came with new bags. How do I accurately check front for leaks

repaired evap system, clear codes 443 443 pending. Ck eng lite off as long as i drive car. After stopping & re starting lite comes on. Clear code again & re try ok as long as car is driven as much as 125 miles, stop for gas re start light back on. Very frustrating. Larry

I know starter is okay, believe the second key which tried was not programmed properly and this shut down pats system, how do I start the car

worked for 19 yrs now the headlights don't come on without using switch is on

and the turn single works and I have not found a blown fuse.

Not sure where to start looking since fuses are okay and all seat electrical connectors are connected.


When the alarm is set, a slight breeze will set it off. I have to push both lock knobs every time I leave my car. Both repair manuals that I have say nothing about this system and I cannot afford to take it to the dealership.

I changed the oil and didn't know about turning off the air suspension. The only change I've noticed (driven approx. 10 miles since then) is a message on the Message Center about checking out the air suspension. Did jacking the car up w/o switching off the air suspension do any damage?

does the speed control deactivation switch have anything to do with the transmission fluid leaking?

Car wouldn't start. Got it to Autozone to be tested - was told it was alternator. Changed it. Drove around. Parked and in the morning it wouldn't start. Where do I start?

When this occurs, there is loss of power like plugs are fouled out and sputters when I press on the gas.

neither remote nor button inside will open it but tail lights flash

fuse, motor or wiring harness

swapping whole assembly from 98 what will I have to do

When car over heats' why does it shut of everything? I can't even jump start it. What is happening? I stopped to put water, lights don't even turn on its pitch black!

I'mhaving HID Conversion kit installed. Mechanic tells me dimmer switch has gone bad, although it seems to work to me. The switch changes from high beams plus gold side lights on to just gold side lights on. The low beams aren't quite connected yet. The low beams should stay on during both high and low option, right? This switch is expensive and this doesn't make sense to me. The switch should only turn high beams on & off, right? He said the switch going bad is a common problem because of the light problem. If this is true I don't want to buy a used one.

When I turn it off it turns right back on. The power looks off but it is still blowing on the defrost.

I bought the harness to connect to the new radio but still get no sound

I replaced all the fuses and put in all new rear bulbs. All my break/tail lights work, now. However, my back up lights wont go on.

Experience misfires occur on a daily basis. mostly when I attempt to reach max speed of 65mph.