Show me how to bleed the reservoir lines to the radiator to get the air out of them

Get the air out of the lines

How to bleed the reservoir.

My 3.9l v8 started running very rough and popping possibly in the intake. This happened after it was shut off and when I restarted it. Now it is very hard to start and once running it backfires and makes the popping noise intermittently plus won't idle. Any help is welcome

I had code 401 come up. I took off egr and cleaned it. All parts on it after cleansing seem to be in good shape. I put it on drive it around and it seeks to have sluggish problems right at 3000 rpm. It I rev it in neutral it sounds good till 3000 rpm and sounds like it's getting 1/2 the power. What can I do to improve this? I'm driving it out of state next month and want to make sure it's good. It has 75k miles on.

2000 Cartier best riding car! Wouldn't start 1X, started in 15 mins. No prob.,ran fine, 6 weeks later, just won't start, seems to be getting a little fire but will not turn over & run. Engine will take a charge, but does not run. Any clues/ideas?? Help, thanks

I'm looking to purchase a 2003 lincoln ls, the owner says the car starts and runs perfect until it warms up then it knocks oil light comes on and then nothing. Car stops and is not drivable. Any ideas??? I would really like to purchase still if its a reasonable fix.☺

controls dont work on the steering wheel anymore. what might have caused this and how do i fix it. I need the cruise i drive long trips for work.

When I put the car in drive it goes away.


Does this cost a lot and/or is it easy to fix?

Humming loudly when driving

The car seems to only do this after it is warmed up, and it takes 1 hour to go 5 miles..... Please help!!!

need to ad freon

and now can't hardly steer car. I ordered a power steering pump from an auto salvage yard for $60, as i'm trying to fix it cheap. My question is do I also need to pick up hoses and fluid to take to the garage? And if so what kind? Thank you, Connie

It recently drained all of the coolant after driving a short distance. I got a new tank just last year. But my car gas been exposed to alot of different weather conditions this year due to my job.

New Filters, Freon Full, Fuse changed to compressor working fine yet nothing but hot air blows out. Done dignostic from car and it showed 88.8ºFºC on drivers side and - 188.8ºFºC on passenger side. Could you please explain this to me and direct me on the path of getting this problem fixed.
Much Thanks,

I took it in to have it checked and they told me water was dripping from the sunroof in to the car computer. I had the sunroof sealed and i still have the same problem. My car will not start up after it rains. Once it warms up outside the car runs good until it rains again