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I always use premium grade gas. 164K miles and yes I have been doing maintenance. No engine light.So unless the gas station did a no no...1 dealer mechanic said it could be timing chain. He will have to run a diagnost...
The temp gauge reads right in the middle. I replaced the water pump, thermostat, radiator, and bled it so there's no air pockets in it because I have heat. I hooked it to the computer and when the fan is running its a...
It does it after driving 30 miles and cool air is blowing out of grill while idling. Sounds like an air plane going down run way. Also engine light is on.
Po743 po760 po132 po750 po966 p2196 these are the obd codes I get .. While driving it hesitates . hesitate shift
Temperature gauge registered hot when engine doesn't appear to be. Have replaced thermostat.
Just replaced the radiator because it was cracked and was overheating. now my fan does not work.
2001 lincoln L's v8, just had fuel pump replaced, ran for 5 days then stop running. Check transmission light is on, shifts hard into 3rd. Messed with it today, put it in neutral and moved car while trying to start at ...
I accelerate and it seem like it don't wanna go due I need my solenoid clean are exhaust system by the converters clean can u help me tire being broke with this vehicle
The fluid is pink and foamy, the cap does not fit well even with new o ring, it looks like it blows fluid past the cap, how do I flush the fluid
car wont go into gear so i can take it to get serviced is there away to release it manually
The message telling me to get oil changed won't go away and I just had the oil changed.
This sqeaking noise just started after I backed into my parking space. There is snow and ice on the ground.
This light just came on yesterday. Is it okay to drive. I'm guessing this light on has something to do with the emissions control system.
Once or twice a month overheats real quickly, you can watch the gauge move to hot in about a minute or two. I turn off the car wait a few minutes then restart the car the temp returns to normal. It will run without ov...
Fuses were checked and found to be okay.
I am having a hard time locating the fuses or relay that controls this function. I have all my running lights and brake lights just no reverse lights. can someone help me?
work to repair "worn upper control arms," "worn lower control arm bushings, "rear lower control arms have play" etc. He also said the ball joints could not be replaced on the Lincoln LS. He must be pulling my leg?? ...
do I use the tires recommended psi or the sticker on the door?
looses throttle and I have a code p0430 after replacing several coil packs. any help would be appreciated thank you
I Just had the fuel filter changed and the next night after having it changed the number 17 fuel pump motor fuse?car ran good before this
the plugs were soaked with fuel. car finaly started but stalled in 30 seconds. injectors getting stuck maybe? computer? thanks
Half way back to Reno from Auburn, CA; stopped at rest area and although battery is charged and lights, et al, work, car won't start--nothing.
Car was running fine. One morning I went out and started the car by the passenger side. Car was acting like it was choking and it stalled. The car would start momentarily then stall. Pushing on gas pedal really made n...
it just turns over i usually have to do it a few times before it starts, but once it does it will start all day with out fail, the next morning saME PROBLEM, from breife look on web ive seen IAC valve, fuel relay, and...
installed new compressor, condenser and dryer and vacuumed down system for 30 minutes. the gauges are showing good numbers. the air is ice cold when idleing but when given a little throttle it warms up. any help would...
Higher octane fuel does not have new spark plugs and coils. no help at all.where do i start
I recently had to have my Lincoln LS 2002 serviced because every time I hit the gas, it would get really loud like a truck. The check engine light is usually always on, but it started blinking after driving maybe 5 mi...