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I own a 2002 Lincoln LS that still has the manufacture's cd player in it (5 disk). About 6 months ago it started telling me there was an "error" whenever I would eject a cd to put in a new one in but it would stay acc...
Is it neccessary to use Gas Line A.F. with todays gas blends?
When I'm on the freeway and take my foot off the gas the engine starts whinning real loud.
This morning, my Lincoln started making loud, squeaking and grinding sounds only when I turned my steering wheel or drove over speed bumps. Other than that, my engine and car are running just fine. What could be the s...
the stops lights are on and won't go out unless the battery is disconected. i replaced the stoplight switch and r.e.m. (rear electronic module)but they still won't go out. there is no engine code and the relays are wo...
Hi, my cooling fan is real loud after being driven for 10 miles or more. It sounds like a loud whirring sound, and when you turn off the engine you can hear it slowing down and the sound deminishs as it slow down.
I replaced the rear brakes and the rear right caliper but my brakes are still not working properly, what else do i need to do?
When ever I start my car and every 1/2 hour the car will chime 3 sets of 5 chimes. Car runs fine but this is annoying.
what is the housing called where the thermastat goes
How to replace a coil pack.
i just brought this 2005 lincoln ls and my engine lite came on i took it to the shop and they said both of my caltalytic converters are i take it back to the place i bought it from.they have had my car for...
It appears to have a slight jerk when goin into another gear.
My old belt sipped off due to wear and tear. I need the correct installation diagram to replace the serpentine belt for a 00 lincoln ls.
front passenger door lock don,t lock either manuel or with remote ,all the other ,s work no problem
Hi there, I recently bought a 2000 Lincoln ls & my air bag light is on. The car horn is also not working when i press the steering wheel, but when i test out the alarm the car definatly has sound. What can i do ???.
Is there anywhere that can give me detailed instructions so I can replace a Wheel Ball Bearing myself?
Today, while I was on my way home, "ETC engine failsafe mode" displayed. I still was able to drove the car home. When I accelrate the car, the engineer seemed to be stumbling.
Whenever it rains I have water on the floorboard behind the driver seat. What could this be?
Replaced timing chain/belt
sunroof leaks water runs down the inside head liner drips in back seat possible seal worn out or sunroof may need service need a local shop as a referal
My 01 Lincoln ls won't turn over what can be the problem and how much would it cost?
I have recently noticed that my steering is not centered. When driving on a straight road my steering wheel is in the 11:00 position as opposed to the 12:00 position. not sure how or when it happened. Should I be worr...
I bought a floor jack and floor stands. I would like to know how to change the oil in my Lincoln V6.
My 2003 LS V6 has been misfiring. I've had the codes read and it states coil #3. I have had a complete tune-up last week, replacing all coils, plugs, valves and gasket covers and even bought a brand new $150 battery....
The dash shift indicator changes from D5 to E....which causes a boost in rpms...If I shut the engine down and re-start it recycles to D5....Then after awhile the E reappears....
when my friend's 2001 Lincoln LS first turns on, after about a minute of running, it starts to violently vibrate for about 30 seconds and makes a loud rumbling noise. But then it stops and doesn't happen again until t...
i have shocked my battery, my panal lights up like a christmas tree, car still runs but poorly. looked for burnt fuses and relays saw none (may have to get comp.)noticed that the passenger compartment fuse box had no ...
dual air contioning goes from cold to heat. must stop car and restart contioning to go back to cold.
what does coil do