the check engine light is on and it's skiping. I took it to the auto parts store and it checked that the number 6 coil pack is bad. I know it's in the back but which side. The drivers side is easier to get to. Any advice?

is it true that i use transmission fluid for my power syeering

I have an 2002 ls that won't start . I changed the fuel pump still nothing, I was wondering if i could have an clogged fuel line and if so is it diffult to replace

how to change rear taillight on 2002 lincoln LS

changing sparkplugs how much time

whenever it rains water leaks on the driver side at the driver window just above my head. Also leaks on the driver side into lower door panel.

Car seems to chug - miss - when I'm driving. This has occurred since I had my oil changed in Midland, TX. I have replaced the oil and had the fluid and filter on the transaxle changed also.

Does the 2001 Lincoln LS V6 Sport Edition have a hydraulic clutch and if so does the fluid need to be checked and how?

How much would it cost me to get my alternaot fixed

I need to swap out the engine on my LS. Does it come out the bottom of the car or like the old days out the top?

I had purchased my ls in 2007 and a company truck ran in to the front of it they went ahead and toalteld it so im just woundering is it worth geting it fixed back to its orginal state

my ls has around 34k miles, regular maintenance and now I have coil and catalytic converter problems. For repair it will cost me around 2300.00. They told me it has been misfiring (3 codes). Should this have happened?

heat dosent get to hot

when I start my 2002 Lincoln LS white smoke comes from the tailpipe. I need to know what is causing that.

diagnostic says misfire in cylinder heads? What's this mean?

This car is a piece of shit!! I've changed the transmission ($2700), pistons ($1200), coil packs, spark plugs, brakes, battery and engine computer ($700), airbags, last year in August, 2010. Now I'm having major problems with it shutting down on me seven (7) months later April 2011. I will never by a Ford again!

i have 2001 lincolin ls we i am driveing my belt make noise when i come to a stop the noise is not loud. need help. william

how to removed ignition coil

will start and run but no power and catalytic converter get hot

My a/c compressor locked up and broke my serpentine belt. can you bypass the a/c on my car or would i have to buy a new a/c compressor? and if you can bypass it, can you explain the route? also any cheap alternatives to fixing the problem would help thank you

Our Lincolns inside lights don't work, we've change the fuse and it works for about 1 day then the fuse burns out. What can we do to fix it?

I changed the belt on my car because I was having a loud squeaking sound when accelerated and when it was cold. After I changed the belt it stopped for a couple of months and then it started again. I sprayed some WD-40 on it and it stopped for a little but now it is still doing the same thing, when I accelerate. Now it has a loud humming sound with it. What could that be?

does this mean the oil cooler is bad


while driving on-board message center indicates check charging system and the battery indicator light comes on, the spedometor goes to 0 however RPM's remain normal the radio cuts off, my sterring becomes tight and the car shuts off and will not start, no lights working in dash and hazard lights go on and off outside the car.I get a jump and the car starts but shuts right back off immediately. New battery has been replaced less than 90 days any suggestions/ideas?

i have replaced the alternatoe and battery and the check charge system light wont go off

Was there a recall on the lower ball joints for the 2000 LS? Where can i find info on it since Ford don't seem to know. Recently I was backing out of a parking lot when the nut from the lower ball joint came off and the suspension dropped to the ground.

Where are the spark plugs 7 boots located on a lincoln ls 3.9 liter

my 2000 ls rear wheel bearing is bad so im replacen it rite now and for sum reason the hub is not coming off to easy the axel is all the way backed out so its not that.can sum one give me a hand so i can get my car done its my only car. thank you

I have a 2000 Lincoln LS, recently it was very cold down here and I think my engine froze over or something, had new freeze plugs put in, new water pump (because all of the fins that push the coolant thru the engine on the old one had broken off I guess it did that when I crank it up). Before I changed the water pump I had a new radiator, thermostat, and the freeze plugs put in, but now no coolant is getting to the radiator period, neither the intake or output hose to and from the radiator warms up, the new waterpump is moving coolant because I removed the hose and crank the car to see and it is pushing coolant to the block but nothing is coming out of the block, could the block be clogged and if so is there any special tool to use to clear it out. I am stumped because I have put so much money into this problem and the dealership is about to send me to the poor house, it seems like it would be an easy fix but I cant figure out what to use. The link below is something I ran across and is wondering would this work to clear it out. please help.