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My battery Keeps going dead. So after using an amp meter to locate what keeps draining my battery, I go to start my car and the dash lights and gauges won't work and it is extremely hard to steer. I cant find what fus...
first time problem, is there a ignition switch assembly in the steering column, other than the ignition switch
Starts and runs fine after sitting a few hours or immediately after cutting off, but if I try to start it 10 min to 2 hrs after driving, it will not idle and will stall unless I rev the engine cosntantly for about 3...
Get fair pricing for good quality tires to last about 60,ooo miles.
All the doors are closed but the message is still there causing my interior lights to come on every time i stop the car. You can't lock the door when the ignition is on.
seems when cold you have to give it more throttle to make it slip.when i`m in traffic it starts to slip right when you give it gas.
I have a burnt valve and it's producing thick white smoke coming from my right tail pipe.
It does not do this very often, maybe once every two too tree weeks. Any suggestions. Does it when the engine is both hot and cold.
engine overheats
I'm overheating sometimes, there is fluid in the reservoir but the engine has very little once it cools down.
Once back door is open it won't shut ... freezes open. I can eventually close it after an hour of trying various things. Also both back door won't automatically unlock ... have to manually unlock from inside ?
If the dash does not light to show the reading of mileage of the car what do you you check fot
the belt went to the air conditioner and power sterring pump
it seized the air conditioner do I have to have another airconditioner or can I get another belt and by pass the air conditioner It is 3.0 Does the air conditioner control the defrost
It also pull to the right when i brake. I looked under the carriage an saw that a rod is loose and turning.
having a problem lose of power steering while driving then it will come back and then lose it the check steering assist comes on
the wire is no longer attached to the window . How is this repaired?
The key fob won't unlock the car, neither will the actual key. And my keyless entry number won't open it either....HELP
The 'door ajar' lamb is lit when every door is closed and we are either stopped or driving. The message is makes the car think a door is open resulting in all interior lights turning on both while stopped and driving....
Car makes athumping noise under dash now it is heating up