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Is there a fuse I can pull to stop this? The warning goes off when I push the reset. The reservoir is totally full. I don't want to replace the tank with the sensor. I was afraid to pull any fuses as it might mess up ...
I jacked Lincoln without switching off air now my suspension stay's fully inflated .
Switched off and restarted the engine - the power steering then OK. Happened again a few days later What is the likely cause?
car was towed to me earlier for repair and the tow truck driver didn't turn off the switch in the truck for the air ride suspension now the rear of the car is up real high and stiff any suggestions
How do I drain some fluid when the top and trunk are down and froze shut? I had it working , now it wont open at all. Lupoli
I changed out the radiator and alternator on my 1998 Lincoln Continental with 220k on it, and now I have no pressure at the fuel rail. I see lots of posts of people with the same issue and replacing the pump did not s...
vent line from fill point to tank is clear. could it be the smaller vapor canister? I not sure if they are connected in series. THANKS O. S.
checked fuses in car(fine) cant find switch from sub or amp! what could this be?
The issues only occurs once the motor heats up ... after about 20 miles of driving the check transmission light comes on
traction control off, air ride suspension, stalls when driving and when not, idling racing or too slow and make car shake, windows going up and down, steering hard then too easy almost had wreck. happens all the time...
I have had the "check ride control" light checked out at auto shop and confirmed both rear air bags are leaking and need replacement. Special tools required?
there is no water leaking out and belt is spinning around water pump cant even drive it two blocks without it over heating
i have no power to fuel pump when turning key on i replaced the fuel pump and checked switch (switch is good)
car had reached 100k miles so I changed the pcv valve and spark plugs
ac blows hot air even after puttin freon in
Car Leaks Oil, Eats Gas, Smokes Like A Dragon, Smell Fuel Everywhere, Stalls At First And Then Takes Off But Not Until A Cloud Of Smoke is Release. Did Not Happen Until We May Have Got Gas That May Or May Not Have Had...
I have 216000 miles on my Lincoln and have never changed the timing belt. Isn't it time to do that.???
It reads "ignition coils C primary/ secondary circuit
And secondary ignition coil ,what's mean that? And also reads cylinder 3 misfire
brake petal goes all the way to the floor, no fluid on tire or on the ground.
What is the problem with my car, it feels like the brakes are engaged when I'm driving?
This first time this happen. I bought car over year ago. I was on way home made left turn onto dirt rd and it was like my power steerin went out. Steerin wheel was stiff and didnt really turn @ all. Then make it home ...
My rear shocks had came up very seldom for a while then one night while they were trying to come up I could here something soundin like its tearing up under the hood. Ever since my rear shocks wont budge, its low to ...