Anything i could do from the hood to open doors

corner jumped car off she ran fine next day she cut off again looking at oil dip stick she had to much oil have drained it replaced oil and filter cleaned plugs still no fire to theme

the wire is no longer attached to the window . How is this repaired?

Has just started doing this since the cold weather. Yesterday it did finally start and gave me no trouble the rest of the day.
Its colder this morning and has not started yet. Have not had this problem before. Has 100,000 miles and in pretty good shape.
Could it be fuel filter, fuel injectors, or air filter gummed up?
Thank you

where is fuel nfilter

Radio worked abut alternator gave out fixed it radio doesn't work

why would they not have another part for this they have egr line for all cars before and after the 97.

They no longer make them they have no alternative part my car is dead without it, what can I do?

The key fob won't unlock the car, neither will the actual key. And my keyless entry number won't open it either....HELP

The 'door ajar' lamb is lit when every door is closed and we are either stopped or driving. The message is makes the car think a door is open resulting in all interior lights turning on both while stopped and driving. The interior lights stay on even when car is shut down and keys have been removed from ignition and car is parked in drive way thus running down battery.

AC is not blowing cool air. Local Ford dealer says can not get replacement for "a small hole in AC line." What can I do?

Car makes athumping noise under dash now it is heating up

No start condition. Cranks at high speed but no spark or fuel injection.
Always the crankshaft position sensor. I also replaced harness and CCM relay.

It causes my battery to go dead. Is it a bad module ? which one?

I have 2 issues with my Lincoln, and not sure if they are related so I'll try to describe both. 1st, while driving, I feel a hesitation, sometimes is ok, sometimes it gets worse, loses power, engine dies. It was only happening when the fuel tank was half full. So we keep the tank full, literally had to refill after every 7 gallons. So far, we have replaced the fuel filter, replaced the two filter socks on the fuel pump. Verified the fuel tank was clean. I've ordered a new fuel pump module, but have doubts that'll help, because of developing this second problem. Here's the 2nd issue: Rpm gauge started surging during drive, so at next stop I put in neutral, held down the brake. the rpm's went erratic, up over 1800, pulsing, then sputtering. Hi, low, going nuts. When in Drive the rpms continued to surge, but not so bad as when I'm holding the brake. I Parked, restarted the engine, and it ran okay for a few weeks. Yesterday, engine wouldn't start. Tried several things, then, reset engine by removing battery cable. Engine did start, but rpms surged and reved very high, then low, almost choking off. Tested, held brake to floor while pressing accelerator, Rpms very unstable. Hi - low - hi-- low. Could these issues be related?
Basic info: 57,000 miles, car had been in storage before we bought it 7 months ago.