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I can't find the 12 volt wire that powers the clutch on the compressor. I rebuilt the heads, installed a hi-lift Comp cam, drive gears, Edelbrock intake & carbutor and installed everything and now since the wiring is differant I can't find the 12 volt power supply wire from the heater/air control. There are 3 wires that come off the compressor & 1 of these connects to the hot wire from the control switch.
Can someone help????

There is no clicking sound.

I noticed check engine light on when I got home yesterday. Then last night I drove about a mile car sat for an hr or so. When I tried to start it it wouldn't it has good battery,gas,and tries to start but won't.

I hear and feel air coming out of the compressor

The odometer is not going back to zero, but to where it was when it malfunctioned.

My battery Keeps going dead. So after using an amp meter to locate what keeps draining my battery, I go to start my car and the dash lights and gauges won't work and it is extremely hard to steer. I cant find what fuse controls that stuff. and I still can't figure out how to fix what's draining my battery. It's #9 and #10 in the fuse box under the hood and #39 under the dash.

One night my sun roof was left open. A lot of rain got in the car. From then on out, none of the controls on the doors work. Mirrors, seats, windows, and locks will not work. You can not control them from any door. The seat controls are only in the front two doors. What do I need to replace? We tried replacing fuses and switches already. And that didn't work.plz help

first time problem, is there a ignition switch assembly in the steering column, other than the ignition switch

Starts and runs fine after sitting a few hours or immediately after cutting off, but if I try to start it 10 min to 2 hrs after driving, it will not idle and will stall unless I rev the engine cosntantly for about 30 sec.

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i replaced the thermostate ,it made no difference,it still blows cold it worked 2 days ago now nothing but cold air

so i changed the thermostat but made no difference what next the climate control in the dash?

How do I reset my door adjar ?

All the doors are closed but the message is still there causing my interior lights to come on every time i stop the car. You can't lock the door when the ignition is on.

heads tobe serviced are on motor .

seems when cold you have to give it more throttle to make it slip.when i`m in traffic it starts to slip right when you give it gas.

It loses power and cuts off while I'm driving, The check engine light stays on.

I have a burnt valve and it's producing thick white smoke coming from my right tail pipe.

The upright tilt switch will now not return the seat back support into the normal upright position.

It does not do this very often, maybe once every two too tree weeks. Any suggestions. Does it when the engine is both hot and cold.

engine overheats

I'm overheating sometimes, there is fluid in the reservoir but the engine has very little once it cools down.