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Check transmission light is on and so is check engine light . Car is not drivable and tries to go dead now . I change all transmission solenoids .
when I start the car the right rear will not air up, what could that be, will t cost a lot to fix?
i was told it was my light cntrol module (lcm) does that sound right and could i put it on my self?
My car gives me steering options - plush, firm, etc. The cost of that replacement rack and pinion is VERY expensive and I really dont' use the options. So, can I put a regular rack and pinion in my car that wouldn't...
bushings. Also advised that may need rack & pinion steering replaced because the steering assist goes out all the time. Will replacing R&P also take care of both problems? What is estimated cost?
the code reads p0761 shift solenoid c performance or stuck open
My car overheated on me and i put a new water pump it has a new feul pump and a new radiator and new censors. It worked for like 2 days then it started overheating and i fixed the fans and once i did that i accidently...
I have checked the fuses ...i found the relay but dont think that is the problem
I have to refill it to keep it running. Driving short trip in town it will run with no problem. When it runs continuously on the highway and is at or below half a tank of gas it will sputter then die. I replaced plugs...
Repaired bare wire blowing #7 max fuse now can't get AC comp to stay engaged with ac charged per gauges and full charge
I have no lights on dash the gauges work but no lights
I changed the tranny fluid and filter, linkage is fine and fluid shows on dipstick but it seems there is no fluid getting to torque converter? anything else I can do without pulling tranny out?
Engine will go from idle to about 2000 rpm. I have to slam on brakes and throw into neutral. Rpm goes to about 3500 rpm and then comes down to normal idle. This has also happened right after shutting down air conditio...
what is the location of the pcv?
I know a remanufactured unit would be wiser choice, but cant afford it, i plan to sell this immediately before other things such as the air ride/steering/suspension in general begin to fail more Id like to make sure ...
my interior lights only go off when i start driving, the panel indicates my doors are ajar when closed, and that irritating warning buzzer works in tandem with the panel indicater..... every 2-5 seconds, driving me cr...
My heat dosent work . I worked fine before I fixed the alternator. What is wrong?
I have a 94 lincoln cont cant get the wiper relay out? Dont know how to put it in either, help. Thank u. Tonia c.
While driving the car and waiting at a light, the engine died. No hesitation or sputtering, it just stopped. After sitting 10-20 minutes, the engine starts back up. It did this 6 times in a 90 minute time frame. Mech...
replace the f/p replace the relay, reset the red button not start any idea replace the ecm not have idea
Don't know much about transmissions
lights not turning on ,instrument panel lights go on and off by them selves, engine shut off unexpectedly