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Recently, my vehicles windshield wipers stop working. The washer fluid and the wipers just completely stopped working and didn't make any noises as if the motor was bad. So i took matters into my own hands assuming it was a bad fuse. Started pulling and checking fuses under the steering column. No bad fuses were found so now i am thinking its a bad switch? But besides that, I went to drive my car and it was now stuck in park? so i forced the button in the shifter in to get the car to the auto parts store to figure out my problem. The guy asked me to go check and see if my brake lights were working after i told him my situation and to my surprise, they weren't working. He immediately assumed it was a brake light switch. Bought a new one replaced it and still my car is stuck? Please HELP with my wipers and my shifter!!!!

i have a 98 lincoln continental that runs hot in city driving. i have replaced the thermostat, water pump, flushed the radiator and have burped the cooling system. reading other sites this seems to be a common problem. is there a common fix to the overheating problem? (besides turning on the heater)

When I turn the steering wheel to the left it squeaks. Can the steering box be lubricated to solve this?

Engine overheated -- fans were not (either one) working .No repairs done on car in two years. Low mileage (48000). Excellent shape .Never had any problems before. Where should I start looking ? Where is temp. sensor located . Where is (if it has one ) fan relay located ? Where should I start ? Thanks for help !!!

It starts and runs fine for a minute or two then goes to nutural. Restart and it runs for a minute or two and goes to nutural again. Is it a module or computer problem?

My mechanic says that all these lines are rusted out and need to be replaced. He told me that the PS line alone calls for 7 hours of labor? Any thoughts as to what these repairs ought to cost me?

the problem happened sunday .the sunroof is open but it won't colse.Usually it closes itself ,now after it kept trying to close all night it drained the battery

The repair shop test revealed a so to be bad fuel pump. Want to replace it myself.

I need to know how to remove outside pass. headlight assy,so i can replace it.

RON STAAB email add.

in my 99 lincoln continental the info on my dash board that tells the miles, oil level, and other info about the car is blinking on and off ond becomes distored sometimes wen i drive how do i fix that??

ok first im not using this on continnental car,,, but part number PM 3601 Continnental blower motor from autozone is listed, i need size (dimentions) with height, width for this part, im planning on using it in my 924 porsche for replacment at its only 40.00 compared to 270.00 for porsche part
P.S. anyone with 1982 porsche 924's i am restoring it, and any help on tech stuff would be greatly appreciated, thanks one and all

I purchased this car and have no access code, how do i get one. The interior lights go on every 20-70 seconds and stay on for 20 secs. I have disconnected the battery to hopefully reset it and now it is worse. What can i do??

Anyone know whether the size of 53mm or 59 mm in identifying the right unit, refers to the diameter of the metal casing or the width between the retaining bolts.

The next question is, how do you choose! The price on line varies from $80 to $212, anyone know the answer or recommend a supplier.



Fuel mileage has dropped. On initial take off there is a slight stumble. Code indicates a vacuum leak. Manifold tests do not indicate leaking gaskets.

I had a fuel pressure sensor curcit malfunction code come up. So I replaced the fuel pressure regulator, but when I but a fuel pressure guage on it I noticed that as soon as I turn the ignition off the fuel pressure drops to zero and it won't start until the pressure gets back to 40 psi so 3 times to start. what the is one way check valve called that hols residual pressure in the system

how do you take off the tail lights

no fuel pump prime,but have power to the fuel pump plug but no power at the pump,and its a new pump.

Drivers side power window quit working. I lifted the control buttons out of the console wriggled some wires and it started working. Worked for about a month. It quit again this time in the down position. Was the temporary fix a coincidence or should I further chase a wiring problem? Or maybe I jar-ed loose a stuck motor? I do hear a clicking noise (similar to a relay) when I try to operate the window. I also need directions for tearing into the door to go after the motor or chase the wiring problem.

The large hose from the radiator branches off into two hoses that go into the engine. Which one leads to the thermostat housing. and how to change it?

When driving up a hill and I try to accelerate fast to pass or climb a large hill the vehicle begins to skip, jurk and looses power. The harder I push the gas the worse it gets and slower it goes. Anyone have a suggestion? Had it in a shop for 6 hours Saturday. They ruled out: EGR, Intake, fuel pressure, wires, plugs and airflow.

ride control and traction light staying on in dash

on the dash the check traction and drive control light is staying on

My husband noticed the battery light (a new battery) so took it in to see why. They tested the electrical system first. Then told him the car needed an alternator, which took three hours (may be because they needed the parts to come from another location) and gave an estimate of $800+ We REALLY need to know if that was a fair price, which incl. labor. I don't have the breakdown of the two prices. I recall it had to be new because he tried to get a used one.

When I went to remove the rotor on my mother's 2000 continental instead of a pin i found a sleeve on the spindle nut. Can't think of a way to describe it other than it has a tab on each side of the nut. Any idea how to remove it to get the rotor off or am i even making sense? Thanks

i replaced my fuel pump and all the fuses car wont start my mechanic say its the fuel pump computer module what is that and where is it

where is low pressure ac fitting located

I have replaced the fuel pump and it still doesn't start. the only time it will start is if i put gasonline in the engine myself. i have also replaced the fuse box 2 days ago and then the fuel pump today and it still doen't seem to want to start. So what else could be the issue

it misses the teeth every so often

my car is riding low and really bouncy! i have been told that there is a leak in the hose on the front passenger side. i dont have the money for a conversion kit to struts so, i just need to know what does "there is a leak in the hose mean" and what part should i replace to make my car lift back up and stop bouncing???

where is the thermostat housing on my car and the two bolts are located where