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i just want to know about how much will a head gasket cost
wen i put car into gear it doesnt move jus put trassmission fluid in 5 min ago
How hard is it to change the clock spring also what does the DCL do.
would like to know How to replace Drive Belt Tensioner Pulley
I drive a 1989 Lincoln Continental and i need to change the rear brake pads, but there is a circle thing I believe is the master something that will not turn or come out. I need help please. How do you change the rear...
My rear sway bars broke, mechanic said it would be okay to drive without them. Is this okay.
Where is the EGR valve located
riders power seat will not come back up when reclined. all other positions (up, down forward,back etc.) will adjust with power. its only the reclining position that will not work with power switch on door panel.
when= when in the park mode how often=every time dianostic code=????
Replaced starter. Starter spins but does not turnover engine.Had starter tested-ok. Flywheel has no damage or marks.
can i swap the airbags for something else like maybe shocks?
I need to repair the remote entry to the trunk. The Doors unlock but I can only open the trunk with the key. Is it a fuse and where is it located?
alright my 98 continental is lean on both banks and the coolant (now water because of $$) just is disappearing without a trace. i had replaced all the coolant because it was black from previous owners, and ever since ...
how do i gain access to remove the old spark plugs?
When all doors closed it shows driver door open and all my lights are on Inside of the car can you help me asap!!!!!!!
DRIVER SELECT power seats, and mirrors do not work manually or automatically. Seat is in far back position where the select feature puts them when you turn off the key. I checked the #39 fuse under the dash and #1 fus...
4.6 DOHC will start after sitting overnight and run 8~10 seconds then die. Will not restart (until next day). It will fire a little with the throttle wide open, but will not start. No stored or active codes. I replace...
Having a problem removing rear valve cover, need some in put
When I turn , there is a noise coming from the steering column.What is it and how do I get rid of it?
Where is the engine computer located on the 1995 model. I know where 96 model on up computers are located
Having difficulty popping the window switch housing/bezel after removing 2 screws and popping platic latches toward interior side of car. Bezel still seems attached to Door. Is ther another hidden latch or screw(s)?
Drove car on a short ride. When I parked it I held the RPM'S up for a little while. Engine died, retarts but dies when key is released
What are the directions to replace the fuel pump.
need to see picture of waTER pump after installation
The belt wheel below my alternator is making terrible sounds.. I noticed is is moving instead of staying in place. It looks loose... I had what my harmonic balancer replaced about 4 months ago on the advice of the mac...
My 1992 Continental shifts gears prematurely. Someone suggested I check the linkage, but that seems ok. Any ideas?
heat fan does not work, looks like everything is working but fan does not blow any air