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my car has the light on for cruise control all the times
The Check Ride Control Light Stays on. Car also seems lower in back
Car makes a loud rumbleing noise in the front. I'm thinking it is coming from the passengers side. Had the steering alingment checked. It was o.k. I noticed on a left turn it almost stops making noise. Starting to vib...
heat and a/c come out the defrost. can climate system be redirected manually? any step by step repair directions or advice would be appreciated.
this past week I noticed intermittant failure to cool when using my A/C. Is this a relay that may need replacement - and how difficult/easy to do it myself... cost? Thanks
hi there seems like my praking brake line is stuck to caliper cant get it to brake loose and i already removed caliper that the parking brake line sits in is where it is stuck
I am trying to replace brake pads and rotors for front and back and can't get screws off. How do I go about doing this? Do I need a special tool or are the screws reversed? Any info would be helpful.
car wont start fuel pump is new were is fuel pump relay located it is not in fuse box under dash
I've been having a lot of problems with my 95 Lincoln Continental since I bought it but this problem seems to be unsolvable. I was driving my car on the highway, I was doing about 55 mph, & then my car shut off & woul...
The alarm system goes off a couple hours after I lock the doors.
My air conditioning does not blow out cold air, but it does blow. Is it just a matter of re-filling the freon or could it be something more complex?
I just had front brakes and rotors installed as well as rear brakes.Prior to the new installation my anti-lock light or brake lamp was not coming on. Also, I smell a buring smell from the wheels while driving. My brak...
what makes my car miss in low speed and damp weather the light is not on
I have replaced the fuses for the rear windows but to no avail. Is there a relay switch or could there be a bad connection. One window will not go down and the other will not come up. The front windows operate perfectly
I have replaced the fuses. The front windows are fine. could it be a connection gone bad?
There is a clunking noise coming from the rear of my 2000 continental. Every little bump cause the noise. I've checked everything & cannot find anything loose.
The car says there is a door open but nothing is open. Why is this happening which causes the lights to stay on?
Air compressor quit, and I need to replace it
i need to change the fuel pump
How do I replace the headlight bulb in my 2002 Lincoln Continental
The Car has ben sitting for about two year. I put a battery in it and nothing start; it continues to sit on the ground.What do i do,or can i do?
need to reset the engine light do I do this?
my check engine light comes on and it is coding out to say a problem with the egr valve
can't control temp. to hot or to cold how big a job is it to replace the blend door motor , dealer said that was the fix
i just want to know about how much will a head gasket cost
wen i put car into gear it doesnt move jus put trassmission fluid in 5 min ago
How hard is it to change the clock spring also what does the DCL do.
would like to know How to replace Drive Belt Tensioner Pulley
I drive a 1989 Lincoln Continental and i need to change the rear brake pads, but there is a circle thing I believe is the master something that will not turn or come out. I need help please. How do you change the rear...