leaking anti freeze and told the timing chain is in the was to repair

where is it located

could this be the temperature control switch

I need to replace the thermostat on my 1998 continental. Where is the thermostat located?

installed a new airpump worked for one week now I got no power to pump anybody know where to get repair info including wiring scymtics most repair manuals give you very little info on air ride sytems

Just had my 98 Lincoln Continental 4.6L serviced at the dealer. They replaced the engine oil with 5w-20. My manual says to use 5w-30. The oil change advisor says that 5w-20 supercedes what my manual says. Any idea where I could find a service bulletin to back that up? Thought? Thanks....

i have a 1999 Lincoln continental and when I start the car the check traction control and abs lights come on and stay on does anyone know what this means

wats the deal, y does it not want to start when cold

I replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter on my 98 lincoln continental because I was not getting fuel to start it. I checked all the fuses and pcm relays I also checked the inertia switch in the B pillar still no power ! The computer says I have 102 miles to empty so it has fuel. After cycling the ignition numerous times still no sound from the fuel pump.HELP !!

the air suspension drtvers side is blown out but i have no other way to work i need to know where i can order the part and my son can put on its awful driving it im tring to avoid bumps please some one give me hope,i shouldnt beleive when i seen it it looks like a ball the has been pressed

new fuel pump tune up filter

My steering wheel will stick and not recover when I make a right turn. I can get the car to do a complete circle in a parking lot and the steering will never recover. I have to physically turn the wheel back the other direction. One mechanic says its an internal problem in the rack n pinion.

the small area above the steering wheel that contains the PRND31 transmission indicator positions no longer lights up for nightime driving. My thought is that it is a burned out bulb. Is this something i can fix myself?

fuel pump test and removel

SOMETIMES the car will crank & crank and then finally starts or I have to wait a min. and try it again & it will start. I would like to know what it is so I will be prefpared to have it fixed when it finally will not start. thank you!

Vehicle will not shift into overdrive, problem occurred two days ago on the highway, and the diagnostic code is K0671.

wipers work but no pump noise or fluid

What does the "T/C off" light mean?

My car tries to crank but then starts having issues and dies. It only does it every once and a while and when I unhook the battery and let it sit for 10 min it starts working fine. It has new spark plugs and fuel filters. My father-in-law said it's the computer controlling the fuel system. If that's true, which computer is it and can I replace it myself or do dealers have to do that?

I replaced my thermostat last year, I still have no heat, the seats heat up, but it blows out cold air

The speedometer stays at 0 while driving it seems after car warms then it moves to current speed, also the air shock will not adjust when speedometer is at 0. What could be wrong? Dash board panel fades out also. How wold i know if I need onboard computer.

to replace this after the catalatic converter, does the converter come off.?? is this in the piepes

My 1999 lincoln continental 4.6 litre v8 motor failed emmission test, paid a guy to tell me needs b1s2 sensor. I have no idea which one it is the dealer says there is 4 of them the part store here says 2 before and after. Any idea which it might be and the location.

Where is the module located and how do I replace it. Dealer says I need a new air ride control module.

Driver's seat will not move back or forward. I suspect a nylon drive gear is stripped (sounds like it) and am looking for an el-cheapo fix.

Recently, my vehicles windshield wipers stop working. The washer fluid and the wipers just completely stopped working and didn't make any noises as if the motor was bad. So i took matters into my own hands assuming it was a bad fuse. Started pulling and checking fuses under the steering column. No bad fuses were found so now i am thinking its a bad switch? But besides that, I went to drive my car and it was now stuck in park? so i forced the button in the shifter in to get the car to the auto parts store to figure out my problem. The guy asked me to go check and see if my brake lights were working after i told him my situation and to my surprise, they weren't working. He immediately assumed it was a brake light switch. Bought a new one replaced it and still my car is stuck? Please HELP with my wipers and my shifter!!!!

i have a 98 lincoln continental that runs hot in city driving. i have replaced the thermostat, water pump, flushed the radiator and have burped the cooling system. reading other sites this seems to be a common problem. is there a common fix to the overheating problem? (besides turning on the heater)

When I turn the steering wheel to the left it squeaks. Can the steering box be lubricated to solve this?

Engine overheated -- fans were not (either one) working .No repairs done on car in two years. Low mileage (48000). Excellent shape .Never had any problems before. Where should I start looking ? Where is temp. sensor located . Where is (if it has one ) fan relay located ? Where should I start ? Thanks for help !!!

It starts and runs fine for a minute or two then goes to nutural. Restart and it runs for a minute or two and goes to nutural again. Is it a module or computer problem?