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1st time happend yesterday

how to replace door jam switch on a 2000 Lincoln Continental

Driver seat will go forward or backwards.

What are they cylinder locations? How are they numbered on the 1997?

A humming noise started in my car last week when I deaccelerated the car. Took it to local mechanic, after diagnostic the mechanic states a bushing in the transmission is worn. The transmission needs to be replaced or rebuilt. Total cost for new transmission is $2200. The current transmission was rebuilt 125k miles ago. Why can't the bushing be replaced without replacing the whole transmission. Please advise. Thanks

A noise started in car last week, humming noise. Occurs when the care deaccelerates. Took to local shop, there stating the cause is a bushing in the transmission. The care is driveable but the transmission needs to be replaced. The transmission in this car was rebuilt 125k miles ago. I'm questioning if the transmission needs to be replaced, why not the bushing? Cost to replace the transmission with labor is $2200 Please advise. Thanks

need step by step details on removal of power steering pump & resivoir 4 replacement

please help me with this car shuts off when i am about to stop...and i put on the computer and throw out a code of the egr excessive flow tedected? what is this mean exactly?????....and what can i do to solve this problem? thank you very much.

where is the speed sensor located?

Mechanic snapped water line that runs through the hood. He did a fix with a similar size tube as a cupling. It worked once, went back to mechanic and I was told it broke because the car is old and the line was drying out and had become hard......"not his fault"!!! I am a 65 yr old women on a very limited income. Is this something that I can fix and where do I buy a part at a reasonable price? Thank you very much for reading this and for your advice.

mechanic caught the line that runs over the hood and snapped it, did a fix with a similar size tube cupling..only worked once. Mechnic says it is not his problem, because the car is old and the line was getting hard due to age. I am a 65 yr old women on a fixed income. Is this something I can repair myself, I'm pretty handy. But, where do you buy the part? Thank you

Hit a metal object in road - damaged oil pan and catalytic converter - - had them replaced - now, using 2 qts oil every 300 miles with no leaking. Has 130,000 oil changed every 2000 and never used any oil prior to accident.

replaving fuel pump

Where can I find a Proportion Valve and switch for 1991 Lincoln Continental

leaking transmission fluid from top of dip stick what can i do to solve this problem

do you think is is nessary to flush power steering fluid with the 90,000 mile service also the belts? I got quoated $562. from the dealer.

my alternator went out and when i replaced it and put a new battery on it, the stereo would not come back on. Does it need to be reset? i have checked all the fuses... Please help.

i just replaced the water pump, thermastat, and radiator and the car is still overheating. pleas help me! thank you

noise in bearing assembly. how to remove assembly

my power seats won't adjust forward or back

Service engine light on, reading too lean

my washer fluid light keeps coming on even after i filled it up what can this be?

There is a trail on floor when I drive into my driveway.Also the other day I found that my powersteering pump was almost empty.I'm not getting the squeeky sound when I turn.I need help.

just bought a 99 continental. the guy i got it from said he just replaced the tranny and its been sittin for i bought a battery but the check tranmission indicator comes on after driving for a bit.and after driving for a long period of time the engine light comes on after scanning it says its something with the tranny why the engine light is on what can i do?

My 1997 Lincoln Continental will turn over but won't start, there is no sound when you turn the key on for the fuel pump

who can help with rebuilding my original engine as the car runs but has some issues with the engine after 50 years i need an honest opinion thanks ,michael,443-683-0012

My 2001 lincoln continental cut off sometime when i make a turn or when in sitting at a light but it doesnt do it all the time...

engine not firing 97 lincoln?

i tried to install an after market radio and couldnt so i put the OEM radio back in and replaced the battery and altenator, and the car still wont hold a charge and idle.

Problem just started and "check charging systems" keeps popping up in the instrument panel. I have replaced the alternator and it still says it. My battery does not keep a charge.