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battery good starter good, ignition come on and works, having problem with no power to the starter wire,no gas and no spark at the plugs when i jump the starter, no power at the trunk switch, i need help.
In Feb. 2012, I bought a 2006 RX400h which had a new hybrid battery. Since then, the battery has been replaced 3 times! In 1/2013, in 1/2014, and now 3/2015! What is up with the battery for this model? I can't believe...
The noise is constant and doesn't change with acceleration, idling, gears, breaking, etc. Starts when you start the car, and stops when you turn it off. We can still hear it when the stereo is on. Lexus svc said "do...
so i bought a lexus and changed the transmission, the starter, the alternator, the radiator, even the radio tape deck Now my car won't start i didn't hear the humming in the trunk from the fuel pump i took it out atta...
Also where is the shut off switch for the air suspension?
there is no specific problem I just don’t want to be caught off guard in regard to any potential problems .. thanks Demeterial 626-429-8211
changed the oil and then the loosing power started. I reset the car by unhooking the battery. The car ran fine for a day and it started loosing poer again
All dash lights go off and the radio. Sometimes the ABS light comes on and all lights go off when the brake is pressed. Often they go off and come on many times and at other times they do not go off the entire trip....
I had valve cover gaskets replaced what else could it be?
as well the fan does not work and i can't shift out of park. When the car is warm it is fine. This car is in cold is 0 F. thanks Gerry
When AWD button pushed light comes on then just goes out. Just bought used and not sure if their is like a transfer case with some type of electronic sifter or how it works. Used to American autos.
I go to start my car and all I get is a clack clack clack noise. I jumped it and went around the block twice and when I went to park it just turned off again. Tried starting it and all u got was clack clack clack again.
Ive recently had the timing belt replaced, car now starts but wont idle, obd1 code 15 is now showing up, what exactly does this all entail?
I don't no the model or year but it's quite new I just need a estimate and where to go