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what kind of things can I do or fix or where to go and take care of the issues thanks in advance! it is a slow leak
About the hestitation am having while coming to a complete stop when begin to start driving it slows down then with a thump sound will continue togo when starting for the first time if you run the car for about half h...
If you let it warm up for about a hour or more you won't have a problem what's going on? This happens everytime time you stsrt the car it thumps with hesitation to drive
Car dies out at idle. Don't know the location of the sensor. I also hear a click when I step on the brake pedal coming from the shift location or emergency brake.
the same codes came up + P0172 system to rich bank 1 please help me
There's a wire by the inside fuse box do that need to be plugged in
When I try to play cd player I an receiving an error message?
Hesitate, tach all over the place while driving
Brought it to the dealer. They said the oil pump for the hybrid system needs to be replaced. They also made the comment that the mechanic won't know until he/she removes the rear bumper if he/she needs to replace the ...
Stop Going Forward when In Drive Gear
I have no symptoms of any kind.The car does not veer in one direction when braking or accelerating,braking is ok,no noise,vibrations or uneven tires wear. The mechanic advised me that when changing the engine oil he ...
MY bf bought the 1992 engine from a mechanic who swore it would fit. After calling around after comparing the components on both we were told they are not compatible. Is there something we are missing?
I just purchased a 2000 Lexus rx300, it sat for close to a year, I put a new battery in it, it starts right up, idles like a new car, but when I went to drive it, if u give it gas it spits and sputters and won't go a...
When I turned the air conditioning on for the first time this year, the passenger side air is cold, so I know the air conditioning is working. But the driver side is cool at best, not hot, but certainly not cold like...
my engine when reaches 60mph, I hear a noise in the motor. my rpms stay at a 4. It its shifting at a high speed. The OD button when pushed wouldn't work.
the regular headlight on driver side turns on sometimes. replaced the bulb 3 times. replaced ballister (sp.) once. finally have it narrowed down to the switch.