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the heat works when it wanna work...i see that is a common problem...wondering how to fix it and how much??
Today an independent ASE certified mechanic told me that I've never had my spark plugs or wiring harness changed. My 15 year old Lexus drives like a dream at 122K and has had regular maintenance at the dealer.
car dont move when i have the key turn on the engine it donot start can you tell me what happing thanks
The lights have been dimming but it has cranked everytime, today I tried to crank it and it just makes a spinning noise
Looking to buy 92 sc400... seller says was all power, then extreme loss of HP. I previously owned 95 sc400 and know what it should feel like. (extremely responsive) It will barely go, yet does not smoke at all. There ...
I have a 93 sc400 I've been to 4shops nd no one can tell me what's wrong I rebuild the computer changes crank sensor nd both can sensors spark plugs but still misses the passenger side manifold glows red hot help me o...
Where can I get online pictures of the drivetrain assembly so I can identify the damaged parts on my vehicle.
My car turns off quite often when I come to a complete stop. It sputters slightly when I turn it back on but it runs fine afterward. It does it about 2 to 3 times a day. No check engine light comes on and it cranks...
how do you remove&replace the ignition cylinder housing the vehicle was stolen and the housing damaged
how do you remove & replace the ignition cylinder housing ,the car was stolen and the housing was damaged
replaced a bad drive axle,and went to test drive,only to find the drivers side front brake locks up I put it in drive.I can put it in reverse with no problem,as soon as I shift to drive it locks up????
My car wont turn when i tried to start it. I charge the battery and even jump it, it just click click click but inside it looks like the battery is dead the lights are dim and horn won't work. I'm sure i have the fu...
This is my first Lexus sc400 and I love the car. At first I thought it was a starter coil problem so I replaced it. But now my problem persists. It will crank but not turn over, I think it might be a fuel system probl...
The inside door handle has broken on my 1992 SC400 Lexus.
Lexus SC 400 rear differential problems? Noise from the rear...worse at 60-70mph when let off the accelerator
engine turns over but its not firing
Changed spark plugs and all new wiring, still missing. Need information on timing advance, spark advance and electrical. What do I need to look for? Please help
just installed new tail lights but the right lights are stronger than the left ones.
My air conditioner qiut working, blower; compressor; display everything and it is not the fuse, what can I check next.
Out of nowhere my car just went, bad smell in gas, hard vibrating, and wouldnt stay idle. I had to press on the gas just to get it to stay in idle. The check ingine light is on but is not getting any codes. Ive change...
several months ago something went wrong with the heating / cooling system in my cars seems as though something may be wrong in the air delivery duct the heating mode, the engine is making hot a...
where is the low port for freon located
where can i get a manual like chilton for my sc400 that will give me instructions on interior, body and mechanical.
the up and down on my power tilt just quit, how can i fix this problem myself
I was driving and notice that my temp guage suddenly went all the way up so I stopped and shut off the care. Went out and the engine did not feel any hotter than normal. Cranked the car and the guage was now half wa...
welll i usually fill up my thank on thursday and by sat or sunday is half way i only drive it to work and back i live in inglewood nd work at the lax airport so its no that much of a long drive.
How do you replace the driver's side interior door handle on a 1993 Lexus SC400?