I was hit at 65 mph stationary on Freeway and spun into a moving Semitruck trailer going 55 mph.
The only air bags that deployed were both passenger.
I have always questioned why knee bag did not deploy; dash and windshield came inward and tore my right knee meniscuses and went into windshield with traumatic brain injury, hearing loss, vertigo, neck problems, had seat belt marks. Can you check into this please? I also had Lexus IS250 and split electrical pole at 60 and passenger only airbags went off; also went into windshield. I don't like driving any more.

The noise is not predictable but occurs more on light braking. It sounds like a solenoid chattering from underneath the car. Could it be the ABS modulator? Last year the dealer bled the brakes and the noise disapeared for 6 months, but now the cold weather is here it has re-appeared. Some days it occurs a number of times and other days it doesn't occur at all. It seems to occur more during cold weather.

2011 Lexus R450h

just cap missing. How can I fix?