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as well the fan does not work and i can't shift out of park. When the car is warm it is fine. This car is in cold is 0 F. thanks Gerry
When AWD button pushed light comes on then just goes out. Just bought used and not sure if their is like a transfer case with some type of electronic sifter or how it works. Used to American autos.
The shop said that the noise would stop when the air bleeds. It has been 8 months and is getting worse???
angel sensor internal circuit, i already replaced G sensor and spiral cable and also aliment is done too but still problem stay
Is there something else holding the rotor on. It appears to be the same as the front rotor removal.
car was in wreck came home with light on
I was driving and suddenly i noticed that the airbag light was on and after i turn off the car and restart, the light is gone. Today, it happened again. Any idea?
before the check eng light came up, i was driving and it felt like engine stopped and then turned back on, it was almost like some one hit me in the back, but no one did, and now it makes some kind of noise that was n...
Power steering rack replacement cost
transfer case needs replace. has 72,000 miles. i believe this case is part of drive train? warrantied?
This click click click or clack clack clack noise happens when I put the key in and the steering wheel moves into the preset driving position or when I turn the key off and the steering wheel retracts from the drivin...