I had my timing belt replaced 3 years ago when the engine had 80,000 miles on it. Now the engine has 127K miles on it and the water pump just went out. Do I need to also replace the timing belt?

Whinning noise from timebelt cover area

light of my airbag just on all the time since yesturday, how to switch off or reset it?

I went to the mass inspection for my lexus RX 300 but it failed because of parking brake. The brakes do not work. Even after appliyiong the car moves just like w/o any brake. What could be the cause?

I have a 2003 Lexus RX300 and the air bag light came on about 2 weeks ago and won't go off. How can I turn this light on.

After sitting idle for a few hours (or even sooner then that sometimes), my 2000 Lexus RX300 puts out bluish white smoke from the exhaust. The vehicle also burns up a lot of oil as well. The amount depends on how long and hard it is driving, usually eats put a quart or two after driving 2 hrs on the highway.

Taken it to several shops and been told the engine is very sludged up. But never given an exct cause to either problem.

replaced broken radio antenna recently which we thought caused dead battery...found dcc fuse a problem, but what does it control and what now?

I have 108,000 miles and recently replaced the AC. Now I am told I need struts and new tires. At 90,000 I did not have the timing belts replaced, is this really necessary? The ride is fine, what about the struts, I don't think they have been replaced?

I wanted to know how much it would cost to replace the blend door motor and how much for labor?

I brought my 2002 rx300 with 116250 miles in for brake and wheel shaking. Needed new tires and fourth set of front brakes with new rotors (shouldn't brakes last longer?). Got varying prices for brakes and was told ceramics are recommended, except by dealer. They also want to do a preventive timing belt replacement which I realize it is probably a good idea. Question is what should be done with this. I asked other mechanics for pricing and they gave me varying prices with varying things included (because labor is biggest part of drive belt replacement and might as well add other things to avoid labor later). These items included replacement of drive belts, front main engine seals, water pump, pulley tensioners, coolant. I do not plan to keep the car much longer, however, what should I replace to be preventive and avoid additional cost for labor down the road?

The heater blows air but it is not getting warm. What could be wrong and how much should repair costs be?

gas pump shuts off at gas station before gas tank full. Happens all the time now. No problem with the way the car drives.

When my 1999 lexus rx 300 comes to a stop, extremely rough idle. Just recently had spark plugs replaced on the car, and the problem still exist. Once you take off, takes a few seconds before you get to your desired speed. There is no check engine warning lights on. After a recent oil change, the hose to the air filter was not reconnected. Several days later is when the problem began. I have been told it is the timing belt, idle air bypass, oxygen sensor, mas sensor among other things. Any suggestions where to start would be greatly appreciated.

dtc 0301 0303 0305 misfire on cyl head # 1 all 3 cyl

does this job really requires a real professional or is just taking bolts out and cleaning and replacing the gaskets...because lexus is charging me $550 and i dont believe they nevrr mentiond anything about seals...

A clicking sound has developed when the air is on cool. You can turn the temperature up to 80 + degrees and the noise will stop but the noise will normally start up again when the temperature is lowered. The cooling temperature clicking noise was intermittent but is now geting worse. The noise appears to be coming from the lower middle dash board on the passanger side.

When turning left or right - the steering wheel makes a rubbing squeaky sound

the heater won't blow on floor or the defroster won't blow on the windshield.

My airbag light is on .Sometimes it goes off, but usually it is lite up on the dash.Toyota said it is very dangerous because it means the airbags are turned off-they wanted me to make an appointment,so I did -went to get gas and then the light went off for 2 days, but now it is back. What is up with this?

when changing spark plugs, will a repair shop usually want to replace the wires too or fuel injectors?

try to roll iu up and it goes down further wil not roll up with master switch or passenger door switch


my SUV only has 38,000 miles but makes a loud noise when I'm driving. This noise gets louder whenever I accelerate.

the car does not shift into the last gear every time. to get it to shift, i stop the car and turn the ignition off and re-set the computer, it will then shift. i have had the car diagnosed for a solinoid problem..it checked ok. i have had the transmission flushed and serviced. i have been dealing with this for 9 months. mostly because it's going to cost a lot. especially if i take it to a lexus dealer. frankly, i can't afford to do that. it drives beautifully as long as i don't have to stop much...and the funny thing is, this does not happen every shift...maybe every 3-4th shifts. help!!!!!

We placed the battery June 2009, with a new one from Costco. Lately, I have been noticing that the clock reverts to 1:00am, which is what happpens when the battery gets disconnected, yesterday the car wouldn't start, my neighbor gave me a jump & checked the volts @ 13.87 today he rechecked them & they were at 10. something...could it be the battery or is it a short or the alternator, how can I find out?

I need to replace the front leather seats of my lexus RX 300.

The car has about 95k miles. About 6 mos. ago I started the car and tried to back it out of my garage. After it was started, it stalled. This kept happening and there was a gas smell. Had the car towed. The repair shop did a complete tune-up (replaced spark plugs, etc.).
Three weeks later, the car did the same thing and I had to get it towed again. The repair shop 'made an adjustment' and it ran fine for 3 more months.
This week same thing happened again. The repair shop said that the throttle body was dirty and this is a problem with this year/type vehicle. They put a bottle of fuel injection cleaner in it and said that I have to do that every 5 tanks of gas.
Does this sound like valid information? Does this car type/year have this problem?

Cannot locate cause of electrical drain on battery. Have replaced the battery and alternater. Now new battery drained. (I'm able to jump the battery with no problem.) Two separate mechanics have not been able to identify drain, which they both say is intermittent. Once the car starts, it runs like a dream despite 156,000 miles. Now what?

brake lights don't work after dealership checked bulbs,brake light switch...needed two days to locate and replace "light failure sensor" What is the location of this sensor?

How much does it cost to repair a differential on my lexus? It is leaking.