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My front brakes has "pulsating" feel when I brake. One mechanic says rotor requires machining and new brake pads are required. However, when i brought car for second opinion, mechanic says rotors / brake pads are still good. However caliper is frozen and will not move. Therefore, I need need calipers. I do not want to spend more than what I need to spend. What is your opinion?

I had ALL my struts replaced about a year ago. In addition, I had a rear mounting plate (part of strut assembly) replaced due to rattle sound whenever I go over bumps. Mechanic I brought car to concluded it is my front driver's side calipers. However, the rattle occurs ONLY when I go over bumps, or ruts on road. I still believe the rattle is coming from a faulty mounting plate, or a bolt is not tighten down on my front-drive's side strut. Do you concur?

My car will not start after turning the ignition key. I hear a "clickin" sound. However, after several times turning the ignition key the car will start up. First, I suspected the battery, but my dashboard lights are on. Second, I thought it could be the Alternator, but as previously noted the dashboard lights are lit after turning the ignition key. So I concluded I have a faulty starter. With the symptons I just described do you concur, as well?

What are the critical 120,000 miles service needs for my RX and ballpark cost?

leaking oil from area of rear main bearing. Using oil.

Does not always shift into 4th gear. Most days on Freeway, 70mph @5000rpm gas mileage15mpg Noisey
When it DOES change into 4th, 70mph 2800rpm silent running, 27 mpg Fluid checked, changes about town sometimes, again very quiet, efficent NEED local TRUSTWORTY technician
Senior Citizen

power door lock on left rear side is not working, need to know how to take the door panel out

When I change the timing belt should I also change the waterpump. What would be the cost for both of them.

I tried to start my car and the engine would turn over but not start. even in off position, still made the sound of start. I pulled the key out of ignigion and after a few seconds it finally stopped. waited a few seconds, tried again, and started fine. Mechanics have no suggestions. Any idea what this is?

The engine light stays on and the code reads
po125 closed loop fuel control insuff coolant temp
p1155 manufact control fuel air metering
p1150 ?
changeg coolant sensor and air filter
reset and check engine light comes back on after 10 miles

My rx heater/defroster does not work. The ac works great and the fan blows but no heat
any ideas

i turned on the heat yesterday and i got nothing little later a blow of hot are came out and it kept going on and off on me tech told me that the blower motor is out i would like to know if this is the case before i go ahead and buy the part.i am looking to buy the used part since car is 10 years old dont feel like spending that much.please fellows help.

No reverse gear.What has to be done?Thanks...

i have done 30000mi main. and then oil/lube every5000mi. should i do 90000mi main?

does th elexus rx300 have a timming chain or belt?

CEL code po420, what needs to be fixed?

the car has 175000 miles on is still a beautiful car, runs great...
sometimes, it will not normal shift into the last gear...around 45-50 mph or 3000 rpm. if i screw around with it, brake fast, accelerate then bring it down again, it will then shift...sometimes if i pull off the road and restart the car it will be fine (re-setting the computer) it would correct itself.
i have had it to a transmission guy...he checked the solenoid for "sticking" and the computer did not detect this problem. i am not wanting to spend huge bucks for a transmission job if this is not a transmission problem. it tends to do this after the car is warm. not when its cold. i have regular maintenance on the car. help.

I had my timing belt replaced 3 years ago when the engine had 80,000 miles on it. Now the engine has 127K miles on it and the water pump just went out. Do I need to also replace the timing belt?

Whinning noise from timebelt cover area

light of my airbag just on all the time since yesturday, how to switch off or reset it?

I went to the mass inspection for my lexus RX 300 but it failed because of parking brake. The brakes do not work. Even after appliyiong the car moves just like w/o any brake. What could be the cause?

I have a 2003 Lexus RX300 and the air bag light came on about 2 weeks ago and won't go off. How can I turn this light on.

After sitting idle for a few hours (or even sooner then that sometimes), my 2000 Lexus RX300 puts out bluish white smoke from the exhaust. The vehicle also burns up a lot of oil as well. The amount depends on how long and hard it is driving, usually eats put a quart or two after driving 2 hrs on the highway.

Taken it to several shops and been told the engine is very sludged up. But never given an exct cause to either problem.

replaced broken radio antenna recently which we thought caused dead battery...found dcc fuse a problem, but what does it control and what now?

I have 108,000 miles and recently replaced the AC. Now I am told I need struts and new tires. At 90,000 I did not have the timing belts replaced, is this really necessary? The ride is fine, what about the struts, I don't think they have been replaced?

I wanted to know how much it would cost to replace the blend door motor and how much for labor?

I brought my 2002 rx300 with 116250 miles in for brake and wheel shaking. Needed new tires and fourth set of front brakes with new rotors (shouldn't brakes last longer?). Got varying prices for brakes and was told ceramics are recommended, except by dealer. They also want to do a preventive timing belt replacement which I realize it is probably a good idea. Question is what should be done with this. I asked other mechanics for pricing and they gave me varying prices with varying things included (because labor is biggest part of drive belt replacement and might as well add other things to avoid labor later). These items included replacement of drive belts, front main engine seals, water pump, pulley tensioners, coolant. I do not plan to keep the car much longer, however, what should I replace to be preventive and avoid additional cost for labor down the road?

The heater blows air but it is not getting warm. What could be wrong and how much should repair costs be?

gas pump shuts off at gas station before gas tank full. Happens all the time now. No problem with the way the car drives.