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Battery light came on. Knocking sound showed up 10 minutes later...and then it smelled like an electrical fire. Finally a beep, beep, beep sound lasted for about 30 seconds. The beeping stopped and the battery light w...
Vehicle has Navagation. After a thunder storm, the radio is inoperable. The radio fuse in the engine compartment is OK.
i had wanted to adjust its height and had pressed the height button from neutral to low. now it refuses to return to its former height, it drives terribly as it now bounces uncontrolably as you hit any bump and the "o...
The car will stop at random times and will typically start back but feels like it is missing
The lower dash and console lights do not illuminate. I've checked all of the fuses and they are okay. Is there a connector that may have come Loose?
truck started then died! tried restart acted like dead batt. hooked up charger on boost will not crank. horn and lights work. batt cks good with meter. all guage needles [speed, tach, oil pres. etc FLASH off and on?????
looking for replacement bulbs (2 pin) dealer wants $90 for 3 bulbs, truck needs 12 total
inside dash noise sounds something like blend door actuator problem.. similar to stick caught in fan motor but louder and intermitent. also goes flat out when centre dash centre module is removed.?? very odd anyo...
is this possible? a coil test,and can two coils 2 and 6 go out at the same time adn do you know what could cause this thanks
When driving at 20 mph feels like i'm running over bumps in the road but it's rythmic (bum...bum...bum). Below or above 20 it's okay. The mechanic says it's the hydrolic sensors going bad? I think it could be unbal...