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I have to hold the window up and down levers to be able to raise and lower the windows on the master window switch at the drivers side door.
with a beeping sound --all lasted a few minutes and then stopped. This usually happens at the first start of the day and then doesn't happen again.
No clicking . no sounds at all. Have replaced starter with a new one, replaced ignition switch with a new one, had battery checked for correct voltage. All power accessories function when the key is turned to sta...
can I drive my 2003 Lx470 on a short trip of approx. 1500 miles with a bad O2 sensor, waiting on a manifold to be shipped due due bolts on sensors with corrosion
told by my trusted mechanic, unable to remove sensor due to corrosion/rusty bolts, might need to replace pipe which includes a cat.---- cost may be $700 compared to much cheeper if only the o2 sensor comes out
even after i replaced it it has noise when i checked it while engin is running my belt is burning did any body know why
We were driving on Route 15 this hot weekend and heard a pop sound. Opened hood and radiator hose was disengaged from radiator. As a result, coolant level was low. Car towed to nearest repair shop. They tested leak in...
The traction control alarm goes off very often, usually when banking to the right. If I veer back to the left, it will usually go off. Occasionally, the brakes "grab" for a split second.... I'm assuming it's some ki...
squirt in some carb cleaner past the intake, she fires up but not getting fuel so stops running?
How can i repair the my radio display? It is sometimes off when i driving and listening music.
passenger rear view mirror tilts down when put in reverse ....that is fine... but it also nudges the driver side mirror every time. is that a feed back problem or what... how can I fix that...
I was told the the oil in the self leveling system has to be replaced every year.. that it get dirty and can damage the system
all the gauges and panel lights quit working
I have a 2004 Lexus GX470. It runs well with the exception of a self contained radiator leak that occured this past Dece 2012. It cost me $700 for the actual radiator (factory part) and an additional 5 hour labor ch...
It happens when rpms are below 1 - Also Check engine light sometimes just flashes? Diagnostic codes are P0300 - P0308 indicating misfires on all 8 cylinders, P0107 system too lean on bank 1 and P1310 which I didn't un...
I was told by one of the express oil companies that after 200,000 there was no need to change the transmission fluid....this has been a great vehicle and I hope to keep it much longer but I am feeling almost a drag in...
Since all the other windows work fine, its not the fuses. It does not make any noise when the button is pushed both from the door itself, and the driver's side controls. The light on door is working, so I presume its...
When I turn the radio up at all for there to even be a small amout of bass. The Lcd on the radio will flash and the speaker will start skipping really really fast so it sounds like crap. You cant even hear a word befo...
i start my car my speedometer working or not working sometime its start working after about 15 min of driving how i can fix this problem?
Should I simply look into trading in my car or fix the repairs? The repairs will cost $2746.29 total.
Got oil change yesterday, pulling out of shop when turn all the way its stop will not move At slow speed ride like bumpy any one knows what’s wrong? Please
Back blinkers work fine. hazard switch blinks only back lights as well.
Speakers worked when car was turned off. No sound in any mode when car turned back on. Turned car off again, on again, then speakers worked for a second before quitting. No sound now.
driving fine, no problems, get in to go to the store, it won't fire up. The engine has no clicking sounds and the battery seems to be fine.
1999 lexus lx 470 step -by- step front brake rotor removal