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what kind of things can I do or fix or where to go and take care of the issues thanks in advance! it is a slow leak
The noise is constant and doesn't change with acceleration, idling, gears, breaking, etc. Starts when you start the car, and stops when you turn it off. We can still hear it when the stereo is on. Lexus svc said "do...
Where is the Cabin Filter located and how often do I need to change it?
after putting in another new bulb in there still doesn't want to work - and lexus shop wants to charge me 150 to look and 300 dollars for parts and labor and they won't tell me what is wrong with it - thanks in advance!
Had filter changed during oil change service, immediately afterwards screen shows its on and working but not blowing on any setting? Is this normal and is there a reset to get the blower back blowing again? I had abso...
does the 2007 LS460 require a 4 wheel alignment are front only?
how do you reset oil reminder light
The power bottom is not working and the disc or lod bottom are not working
First time having this kind of problem. My car was just completely unresponsive. At first it wouldn't start and orange triangle light was blinking with a message "parking brake is not available." I turned off everythi...
Timing belt is made of rubber...a timing chain is made of metal....
Just bough the car 2 wks ago assuming the recall for the valve springs repair done recently is the cause! not totally sure.
What the best companies brake?
Either cd pops out and sound system turns off or if no cds are in car radio just turns off. Happens a couple or time a week. Hands are not near "mode" or Anthony other than outer rim of steering wheel.
I've noticed lately after turning off my AC I still hear a blowing noise coming from the passenger side. Is this normal?
Computer said to have brakes checked.
I was driving with bluetooth on suddenly started to click loudly like relay and sound system doesn't work. the clicking sound is fixed regardless I adjust volume. does anyone have any clue what it could be? Thank you ...
Bought ls460 in December 10, and engine ran very quietly, not tapping, smooth and quiet. Had Valve Spring Replacement (per recall) performed at Northside Lexus. Now when car idles it has a noticeable clatter sound t...
reaset oil maintenance light after oil change
my car has some really small dents and scratches bumpers have to come off for painting and repair. has anyone used them?
Engine stalls during take off and suddenly excellerates quickly.It surges when cruising along and hesitates during excelleration.
How much cost to replace roof and lining in lexus 460LS
Left head light comes on and then goes out. Am told the bulb needs to be replace. What would be average cost for repair?