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the car runs extremely well, however it does have 210,000 miles on it and I need a more reasonably priced option. any advice??
Is the serpentine belt the same thing as the drive belt?
I have a 2004 Lexus Ls 430 and I need my shift selonide replaced. I'm looking for a good price but great work.
how will i no which one is bad
also radio volume does not work at time and the screen does not show display at times
I can move the steering wheel out, but not up and down.
The car gave no indication of trouble, slow start or hard to start, before this.
I keep up with oil and tires, did fuel injector cleaner 4 months ago, but haven't done a tune up in a while, what should I consider in the tune up, spark plugs, another fuel injection clean? raidiator flush? what else...
CD displays error and won't play
How do I replace the steering column tilt motor
I added water to the battery before discovering in the manual that you are not supposed to add water to the battery. Will this damage it? A light had been left on in the car which drained the battery originally, but...
Is the Lexus LS 430 known to have motor problems
the telescoping steering column does not go up high enough
Each time I start the engine the left mirror housing hyperextends all the way(faces to the leftside). With some difficuly I can mannually bring it to the right position but after turning off the engine and start again...
My rear air ride shocks are stuck in the fully expanded mode and the car sits like a dragster and rides like its doing wheel hops on the is vertually not the module the usual suspect?
Labor hours to replace O2 sensor for 04 ls430. Bank 1, Sensor 1
Inserted a car seat and stroller in trunk of my 2003 LEXUS LS 430. The trunk is now jammed and I cannot unlock it with the key, interior unlock near the steering wheel or the inside latch on the trunk.
I need to remove the passenger side rear seat belt because my wife's dog ate it.
when we have our cab is air on inside air, the air smells like a dirty tennis shoe.....we have had it back since it was new for this problem, and have been told to always have it on outside air.... But this seem unrea...
when we are low on washer fluid our car beeps and beeps incessantly BUT, when our fuel gets low all we get is an inddicater lite !! We have almost run out of gas, but we are constantly reminds us to refill the washe...
2002 lexus ls 430 , 120,000 miles, driver head light comes on sometimes, will work for a day or two then out then starts working again, switch to high beam it works, crossed bulb to passenger side both low and high w...
driver side low beam works sometimes it will work for hrs , cut off and next day i crank car it wont work etc. switched bulbs from left to right still same problem , fuses are good,dont know where ballast is , fou...
Can I change the a/c filter and is it easy to locate?
light shows low tire pressure. I've inflated tires but light won't go off
I replaced my battery and now my CD player, volume, and radio will not function. How do I reset this feature
I was getting a slow response when I start my car; as the time went on I had to keep turning the key off and on to get it to start; now, I replaced the battery and played with the key and it started; i turned it off a...
i have to replace the alternator charging system 140 amp fuse #62 in engine compartment but dont procedure to remove the old fuse as it is tightly secured in place can you help?