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it started last week when i put $25 of Chevron gas into it. i stopped and added some gas treatment, and it begin to run a lot better. A few days later, i put some HEET water remover in it, and finally, it ran fine. ...
the rpm goes up and down and sometimes the engine dies.
We put in front and rear struts conversion kit system. It says to go to the air suspension ECU to cut a wire to disarm the suspension light. It is suppose to be behind the glove box. We have taken some screws out,...
It starts when turned on. tarter recently replaced
Wheels stop turning when braking. Suspension keeps going. Repair shop says Bushings.
as the new caretaker of a pristine 1990 lexus LS400 I somehow managed to turn the door key in such a way that three doors lock/unlock but the drivers door does not open...not even from the inside...I spayed some wd-40...
now the engine light goes on and the air flow meter runs like poop but when i disconect the mas flow meter it runs a lot better and cuts out once in a while thank you foe your time
now the engine light goes on and the air flow meter runs like poop but when i disconect the mas flow meter it runs a lot better and cuts out once in a while thank you foe your time
changed all filters .total tune up don't know what to do next will oxgyen sensor cause this what is oxgyen sensor and where is it located. what could i check next
I have multiple lights going out at once, the running lights attached to the trunk lid are no problem, but i'm having a bit of difficulty accessing the brake light under the marker light
Located on ceiling with sun roof control.
Car starts but runs like its out if timming wont idle. Any thoughts on what code 13 is_
Had already replaced Fuel pump, replaced the ECM with a rebuilt/Repair Tested the battery, and tested all the fuses within the Main Fuse board and the Dash Fuse board, all is well Could not think of anything else ...
my air bag light is on and my brights wont work when i turn them on.
the bearing froze, dont know what the part is called behind the fan clutch so i can get the part ordered
and when i unlock my doors my alarm comes on and i have to take the red # 10 fuse in order to start my car.why does this happen. my mechanic told me i need a exshaust manifold gasket.
even when i run over the little lane divider bump it hits them hard too
do you have a picture of where the pcv valve is located. we are trying to change it to pass emissions
my car wont stop squeeking even afer i change the pully tension wheel?
i have been adding p/s fluid to resevouir frequently. after inspecting steering rack boot on passenger side , i saw a tear in it
I changed the spark plugs, it still starting like it want to cut off.
would the igition coil make not run. when i was driving the rpm wentdown to 400 usually on 700
location of the ecm and heater core and how to repair
My tail lights do not work. However my brake lights do. The tail light fuse seems to be OK. Any suggestions?
During the winter the temperture hand on my car will barely move, and the car runs badly.It idle from real low to real high. the more I drive it the more the hand drops. During the summer the hand is good and the car ...
about 6 months ago my air bag light came on no biggy.but now as of yesterday when i hit the brakes the air bag light goes off. the heater quit working and no brake lights. I put a new brake light switch in to no avail...