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well one day it was raining really bad and i hit a big water puddle and then my car started acting up so i realized that my alternator went out so i replaced it with a new one and a new battery , now it just starts bu...
just replaced water pump and timing belt and wasnt leaking before that
I asked the dealer and they said they do not have a source for a replacement screen and do not fix these. Any thoughts or resources I could use to track down a replacement screen for this car? It has 60K original mi...
My Ls 400 will idle all day long but as soon as I put it in drive and press the gas, it dies out but start back up immediately.
I have the same problem with my LS400. The "Reverse" lamp in the dash cluster comes on when we step on the brake.
When I near the end of a 300-350 mile drive the air stops blowing, not hot just stops blowing. After it sits several hours it is ok again. Never a problem with normal day to day driving.
i have replace 3 fan relays, 2 temp sensor one in radiator and the other on the intake.
Sooo, my battery dies, I jumped it and got home. Wouldn't start next day so I jumped it again took it to advanced auto parts to check battery. They said the battery was not charged and had to charge it to check it. ...
They have claimed they have to remove the transmission to get to it..But from reading your post this seems contrary..Please advise me
what else do I need to look for?? I really need an answer if anyone has one
Started car today air was ice cold, drove 3 miles shut motor off. Stared car again an it was warm air not ice cold. Drove 3 miles home by the time I was close to house it was blowing ice cold again.
today it quit/stalled going down the road. don't understand what is wrong
Steering wheel will not go up and down but the wheel will telescope.When I try to get it to go down it makes a funny noise.
works when RPM are over 1000 no power steering until vehicle is up to speed, what is wrong, power steering pump Is on yr old
I reside in South-Africa. I bought a Colt 4x4 truck that is converted. It's got a Lexus(first generation V8 motor with a 4 speed auto gearbox). An aftermarket Engin and Gearbox management is provided by Spitronics. It...
first left front replaced then all others went out
sometime when driving it get soft but only for a split second I have tried bleeding it now I am woundering wheather it because the steering is not the same .cause I had to changed the switch on the new one in other fo...
trunk button is not working. i am trying to change swich under the stering weel
P0172 is the opp of p0171 scan datda after pulling efi fuse for 10 mins reseting fuel trim replaced all plugs ran good untill it warmed up, drained fuel refilled with fresh 93 oct, drove for 2 miles check engine ligh...