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My car is leaning in the back does anyone have any suggestions of what the problem may be? Could it be the fuse has gone bad or is my height suspension gone out completely?
the left rear floor and trunk under the spare tire is wet. Is there a remedy? Is the rear window leaking? How do I remove the rear seat? It's wet under the seat.
I have a leakage from the tramsmission. I notice a few drops just enough to spread but not enough to form a puddle. How long until I need a new transmission?
what is the cost to repair a water pump? How much should the labor be?
How much does a A/C service cost on a LS 400 1998? It is blowing lukewarm air out of vents.
clicking noise when wheel turn
I have noticed that on two occasions, wispy trails of smoke wafting from both sides of the car. The second time it happened, I was in heavy traffic on the freeway. This afternoon, when I returned to my home, I could s...
My 1991 lexus LS400 has gas fumes in trunk and cabin. took new gas cap off last night and it took over 50 seconds for the back presure to stop. Is this normal? What is it going to take to fix this and what is the prob...
A little over a month ago my car overheated. Because it is summertime in AZ I didn't think much about it. The coolant reservoir was low so I filled it back up. For the last two weeks I have been having problems wit...
put a new battery but doesn't start
oil pan gasget leak. what is replacement cost?
car will not stay running, only when sprayed with starter fluid it will stay running
Following 90K service there was some oil leaking on the garage floor for a brief time. I was told I needed to replace the oil pan gasket. Nancy
My car is currently at the mechanics waiting on my response. There is currently 6 hours of labor costs I'll be responsible for regardless of what I decide to do. This is how everything played out. I took my car int...
I have a 1996 lexus ls400 and when im driving and touch the brakes, it sways back and forth like a fish in the water trying to swim. the fron suspension is worn out but i do not think the shocks would make it do that....
When I am stopping the car has a noticeable downshift and sounds louder. The malfunction light came on. Sounds like transmission. Could it be dirty fluid?
car has been leaking oil for several months. With city driving I usually have to add a qt of oil every 400 miles or less.
my ac works but the fan won't come on or change speed when you go up or down with the control. when you drive cool air does come through. Can someone help me with some answers, thank you
my ls400 has 110k miles. at what mileage is my next major tuneup due?
my idleing to low n keep turnin off
no juice gets to fuel pump
can i replace a 1993 LCD instrument panel with a 1991 LS400 panel????
I purchased this car and it won't start. Has no electrical spark to spark plugs.
My sterring wheel is stuck in a bad position the telescopic motor keeps a buzzing noise when I try to ajust it but it wont move at all.I would like to fix it myself if at all possible what do I need to do? any and all...
front passanger side dropped . always noticed slight lean now all the way down 1993 lexus ls 400
93 LS 400 died while I was driving. Will not start. What can I do to diagnose the problem?
in my 92 ls400 the electric door locks, power seat, cig lighter and ac doesnt work. any suggestions on where to start looking for problems ?
Where is the cabin air filter located?
i have a 1993 ls400 when i press the brakes it feels like it is changing gears
My tilt steering control no longer tilts the steering wheel. aNY SUGGESTIONS?