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crossed battery terminals and now i have nothing electrical working inside or outside. car starts and run but will not go in gear. please help
is the front converter usually the problem and are their bolt on for the fron converters
the engine lite is on and i want to know where are the 4 oxygen sensors on a 1995 lexus ls 400
water pump is leaking I just want to know if its internal or external.
I keep getting cel 71 on my lexus. I have replaced the modulator, cleaned the intake, checked the egr solenoid, and cleaned out the vacuum lines. what could I be missing? The light will come on and sometimes go off on...
my brake lights come on periodically over thjthe past month even when the car is turned off and no one is in it. I have been driving away in another vehicle and looked back and the brake lights were on. I opened the c...
where does it go i can not seem to find it, also where can i get a owners manual
In hot weather, there is a popping noise sort of like a rusty leaf spring when I turn the steering wheel. It is intermittant; usally when turning to right, occasionally to left, when car is standing still or barely mo...
I checked bulbs and fuses, what else could be the problem, and is it expensive to fix?
oil leak from engine valve cover.cost to replace cover gasket
i had the alternator checked at auto zone and they said the regulator is bad so i need a to replace my alternator
No problem but am wondering where the oil filter is.
the lights went dim and was cutting off, when I turned the lights off it sped up then it started acting like it was going to cut off. It did cut off but will not go into park gear and it has no power
i rep;aced the battery and some days it starts and others it dont i jump start it and she go for weeks then she dont start i jump it and she is good for days could it be the starter switch or a ground wire
how do i replace the shifter, for automatic the plastic is broken ?
Reverse light comes on when I hit brake pedal
the backlight on my panel comes on and off every now and then.What do I need to do to fix this problem?Also how do I pull the cluster panel myself?Is it hard to do it yourself
needing to replace fuel pump on this 1994 lexus ls400
hood latch will not close
My question is, how do I get into the trunk to retrieve my keys? Can I get to the trunk from the backseat, and if so, how? AAA said he had done it once before, however it was quite an en-devour, can someone please hel...
Return hose is leaking,i took it in to a repair shop and he said this car has (4) hoses is he right or wrong?
This code OBDI 25 is holding me up from getting smogged can someone please help. Air-Fuel Ratio Lean Malfuntion. What can cause this and how can I fix it?
All- I'm an owner of a 1997 Lexus and I want to remove the starter to bench test it. Recently when I attempt to start the vehicle it will not start immediately but rather it clicks as if there is something faulty w...
shop simply said I need a valve cover gasket
Power steer fluid leeks into alternator and causes the car battery to become dead.. cannot keep car running. It runs fine when charged but after you turn off engine it will not start..occurs daily... car will not star...
mi trasmision stop working wen mi st. got hi water and the car was park outside i made oil change on transmision but steal not working please sugest something tanks
what part should i get my reverse light wont go out and its not shifting out right
what is the labor cost too replace eng motor mounts
traction light came suddenly stays on car runs rough car when stopped wants to stall.also engine light came on
i just had my exhaust replaced, my car is real sluggish, but it seems to be shifting gears , i have also replaced the transmission gasket/filter. I was told that my timing has jumped. Do i need to have my belts replac...