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I also would like to know if the oil temperature light is on does that mean Im losing oil or I may have a problem with the oil pump or oil line. I aslo like to know what I must do to fix the problem need repair work d...
Car starts normally. No colored smoke from exhaust.
I have been driving my LS 400 for about 11 trouble free yrs. 8-10,000 miles ago it began shifting late when cold. The dealer said the transmission filter needed to be changed so I had that done. No change in the sh...
I feel a sudden shock (jump) when I shift from N to D This problem happens only when the car is stopped and I shift from N to D This is not happening every time, sometimes the shifting from N to D is smooth Otherwi...
How much will it cost me? It says either not properly installed or needs replacement. Who can I trust for this? Is 2nd hand/pulled out parts will do?
All of the other parts of the cluster is working fine except the fuel level gauge.
It's going through a lot of power steering, but it's not leaking on the ground and I can't find the leak.
So much smoke comes out of the exhaust, that when I leave the area it looks like there was a fire in the area. It happens when I start the car or when I accelerate.
it stalled when i tried to restart it it turned over but wouldnt start the engine got wet a little
replace heater fan
Everything was working fine until my battery died. I jump started it and everything was fine again except that the instrument cluster is dead - none of the gauges move at all and there is no light. I checked the compu...
like i said everytime i press the brakes light turn on and delay of stopping like a 1sec delay... i knw its the transmission but b4 i take it to the dealer or mechanic i just wanna knw what is the ecxact problem... th...
changed the engine and harness what all do we need to check when replacing engine for as electrical
I seems To Come On A Lot earlier Than It Used To
car ck engine light would not come on durring smog test failed
my speedomter does not work at low speed only when I reach high speed, has there been a recall on thismodel? once it reaches high speed it works fine until I drive it again ususlly a few days later.
It wont move back or forward and now the stering cloum wont work
it seems to be oil from around where the filter is, can a filter leak on cranking like this?
Replaced the alternator,battery,& power steering pump. Warning lights still come on. Will this harm the car's electrical system? Another question- lcd light that displays the temp & clock does not work, but the auto t...
Instrument panel lights staying on, was wondering if this is caused by the fluid leaking into the alt. I appreciate any feed-back.
i have replaced the passenger side catalytic converter, replaced the injectors,replaced the timing chain and the car still gets glowing after only a short period of time.What is causing this problem?
car wont start already replaced fuel filter